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Helix ALM Automation Rules Stop Working

Article ID: 303  |  Last updated: 25 Apr, 2017

Note: This information only applies to Helix ALM (and TestTrack 2008 - 2016.1).

Automation rules that assign records can only enter events with zero or one resulting state. If you edit the workflow and add another resulting state to an event used in an automation rule, rules that use the event will no longer work.

As a workaround, you can create an event with one resulting state that is only used for events entered by automation rules. Keep in mind that any new events you create are displayed in the Workflow menu in Helix ALM clients. You may want to use a name that indicates the new event is not part of your process.

  1. Choose Tools > Administration > Workflow.
  2. Select an item Type.
  3. Click the Events tab.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Enter an event Name and Description.
  6. On the Details tab, select <No State Change> as the Resulting State.
  7. Select any other options.
  8. Click the Custom tab and clear the Add a custom icon to the TestTrack Client toolbar option.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click the Transitions tab.
  11. Click Edit in the State Transitions area.
  12. In the column for the new event you created, select the states the event can be added for.
  13. Click OK to close the Edit State Transitions dialog box.
  14. Click OK to close the Configure Workflow dialog box.
  15. Choose Tools > Administration > Automation Rules.
  16. Select a record Type.
  17. Click the Triggers or Escalations tab.
  18. Double-click the rule to add the assignment to.
  19. Click the Actions tab.
  20. Click Add.
  21. Select Enter event as the action. The new event is displayed in the Event list.
  22. Optionally select any assignment options.
  23. Click OK to save the changes.
Article ID: 303  |   Last updated: 25 Apr, 2017
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