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License Server Cannot Query Active Directory Servers Using DIGEST-MD5 Password Encryption

Article ID: 285  |  Last updated: 09 May, 2017


The Helix ALM License Server cannot query Active Directory servers to retrieve users if DIGEST-MD5 password encryption is used. An ‘Invalid credentials’ error is returned.


The password used to query the Active Directory server is not configured to use reversible encryption, which is required for DIGEST-MD5 authentication.


In the Helix ALM License Server Admin Utility, edit the Active Directory Server connection to use GSSAPI (Windows) or Simple with a SSL-protected connection (Unix) password encryption.


Reconfigure the Active Directory user account to store passwords using reversible encryption. After reversible encryption is enabled, change the password in Active Directory and update the connection information in the license server admin utility before querying the server.

Note: Enabling reversible encryption stores the account password in clear text.

Article ID: 285  |   Last updated: 09 May, 2017
Active Directory invalid credentials DIGEST-MD5

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