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Moving the License Server Between Computers

Article ID: 273  |  Last updated: 15 Jun, 2016

If you are using the default SQLite server database type, use the following steps to move the Seapine License Server from one location to another.

  1. Install the license server in the new location.
  2. Stop the license server in both locations.
  3. In the old location, copy the LSServer.db file from the LicenseServDb directory to the new location. Following are the default application directories:
    • Windows—C:/Program Files/Seapine/License ServerLicenseServDb
    • Mac OS X—/Applications/Seapine License Server/LicenseServDb
    • Linux—/var/lib/splicsvr/LicenseServDb
  4. Start the license server in the new location.

If you are using an RDBMS database, you need to dump the database files before moving the license server. Following are methods for moving database files for the supported RDBMS types:

Linux caveats

Note: The following information only applies to Seapine License Server 2011.1.0 and earlier.

The license server data file name is case sensitive and requires all uppercase letters. All data files in the /var/lib/splicsvr/LicenseServerDb (or otherwise specified) directory and all subdirectories must be owned by the root user and have read-write permissions. If database files are copied in lowercase, you can use the script attached to this article to automatically change the filenames and extensions to uppercase. This Perl script was donated by M.S. Praveen of ControlNet, (I) Inc. and does not come with a warranty. It can be modified to meet your needs.

Article ID: 273  |   Last updated: 15 Jun, 2016
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