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Oracle Native RDBMS Connection Not Open Error

Article ID: 270  |  Last updated: 26 Mar, 2015


Connecting to an Oracle native RDBMS database after installation returns a Connection Not Open (ORA-06413) error.


The Seapine License Server, Surround SCM, or TestTrack directory name contains parentheses ( ). There are known issues installing older versions of the Oracle OCI interface library in a directory path that includes parentheses.

This issue always occurs when Seapine products are installed on 64-bit Windows because all applications are installed in the Program Files (x86) directory by default.

Paths similar to the following cause the error:

  • Windows: C:Program Files (x86)SeapineTestTrack
  • Unix: /var/lib/surroundscm (2013)/


Download the current Oracle OCI installer from the Surround SCM or TestTrack upgrades page and run it.

- or -

Reinstall the Seapine License Server, Surround SCM, or TestTrack in a directory that does not include parentheses and retry the Oracle database setup.

Paths similar to the following are valid:

  • Windows: C:Program FilesTestTrack 2013TestTrack
  • Unix: /var/lib/surroundscm/
Article ID: 270  |   Last updated: 26 Mar, 2015
Oracle connection not open

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