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Surround SCM or Seapine ALM Data Warehouse Cannot Retrieve TestTrack Data or Displays Incorrect TestTrack Data

Article ID: 254  |  Last updated: 26 Mar, 2015


Surround SCM and Seapine ALM Data Warehouse cannot retrieve TestTrack data or displays incorrect TestTrack data.

For example, in Surround SCM, users may see items from the wrong TestTrack project. In ALM Data Warehouse, users may not be able to log in, TestTrack projects may not be displayed on the Import Schedule page, imports from a TestTrack project do not work, or the wrong projects is imported.


Each TestTrack project has a universally unique identifier (UUID) and two or more projects have the same UUID. In the TestTrack Server database, multiple rows in the TTDBS table have the same value in the TTProjUUID column.

This issue can occur when duplicate projects are added to the Projects list in the TestTrack Server Admin Utility. This can happen when projects are created from backups or duplicated outside of TestTrack, and then loaded in the server admin utility.

The problem may also occur when project databases are modified outside of TestTrack.


To avoid this issue:

  • Do not add two copies of the same project in the TestTrack Server Admin Utility.
  • Instead of externally duplicating project data, use the ‘Create From Template’ option in the server admin utility to create a new project from an existing one. See the TestTrack Server Admin Utility help for information.

To address this issue with existing projects:

TestTrack 2011.1 and later

In the TestTrack Server Admin Utility, remove all affected projects except one and then re-add each project. When you are prompted to change the identifier for each project, click Yes to change it.

TestTrack 2011.0 and earlier

Contact Seapine Support for help.

Article ID: 254  |   Last updated: 26 Mar, 2015
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