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ALM Data Warehouse
document Enabling Remote Connections on PostgreSQL Servers
Helix ALM products may require enabling remote connections on PostgreSQL Servers to work correctly. Following are a few scenarios that require enabling remote connections in PostgreSQL. Helix ALM Data Warehouse A ‘Could not get JDBC Connection’ error is returned when importing from...
25 Apr, 2017
document Helix ALM Data Warehouse System Requirements
Helix ALM product versions and databases You must use supported versions of Helix ALM License Server and Helix ALM, QA Wizard Pro, or Surround SCM with the Helix ALM Data Warehouse. See ALM Data Warehouse Compatibility for the supported product versions for each ALM Data Warehouse...
18 Apr, 2018
document Helix ALM Data Warehouse Compatibility
Following are the supported Helix ALM, Helix ALM License Server, QA Wizard Pro, and Surround SCM versions for each data warehouse version. Note: Starting with 2017.1 releases, TestTrack was renamed Helix ALM and Seapine License Server was renamed Helix ALM License Server. Data Warehouse...
18 Apr, 2018
document Helix ALM Data Warehouse ERDs
Following are the Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) for Helix ALM Data Warehouse versions. 2017.2 - 2018.1 2017.1 2016.1 2016.0.1 2016.0 2015.1 2015.0 2014.1 2014.0 2013.2 2013.1 2013.0 2012.1 2012.0 2011.1 2011.0
18 Apr, 2018
document Helix ALM Data Warehouse Supported Web Browsers
The following browsers are supported for the current version of the Helix ALM ALM Data Warehouse web application. Google Chrome 59.x and later Microsoft Edge 20.x and later (EdgeHTML 12.x and later) Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 Mozilla Firefox 52.x - 57.x (release and ESR...
18 Apr, 2018
document Surround SCM or ALM Data Warehouse Displays Incorrect Helix ALM Data or Cannot Retrieve Data
Problem Surround SCM and Helix ALM Data Warehouse display incorrect Helix ALM data or cannot retrieve data. For example, in Surround SCM, users may see items from the wrong Helix ALM project. In ALM Data Warehouse, users may not be able to log in, Helix ALM projects may not be...
30 May, 2017
document Modifying ALM Data Warehouse Configuration Files
Helix ALM Data Warehouse has two configuration files that you can edit to change specific information after installation: The ALM Data Warehouse configuration file contains the port numbers that the ALM Data Warehouse Server listens on and temporary storage location for copies of...
05 May, 2017
document Certificates Corrupted or Altered on Windows XP and Server 2003
Problem When you view the certificate for a product executable file (.exe) on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, the following error is returned: ‘The integrity of this certificate cannot be guaranteed. The certificate may be corrupted or may have been altered.’ If you attempt...
07 Jun, 2017
document Cannot Connect to ALM Data Warehouse or ALM SQLite Importer After Upgrading
Problem After upgrading to ALM Data Warehouse 2015.1 or later from ALM Reporting Platform 2014 or earlier, users cannot log in to the data warehouse or it cannot connect to the ALM SQLite Importer. Cause ALM Data Warehouse 2015.1 or later is installed in a different directory than...
08 May, 2017