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Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack)
document Support for Database Triggers
Perforce does not support the use of triggers for any product that stores data in an RDBMS database. Database triggers may cause database issues and crashes, specifically when a trigger updates a table that no longer exists or tries to update data in another table within the database. ...
02 Jun, 2017
document Helix ALM Installation Causes Windows Restart Loop
Problem Windows tries to start the Helix ALM service and encounters an error. Windows restarts in an attempt to start the service. It is possible to get into this loop due to installation problems with any Windows service. Solution You need to disable the Helix ALM service. Before...
26 Jun, 2017
document Changing the Helix ALM Server to a Service
On Windows, we recommend installing the Helix ALM Server as a service. A service is a program that automatically starts when the computer starts and automatically stops when the computer is shut down. To change the Helix ALM Server to a service: Choose Start > Run to open...
11 May, 2017
document Identifying Test Case and Test Run Attachment Types in the Helix ALM SDK
The CFileAttachment class has a m-strType parameter that identifies file attachment types for test cases and test runs. When adding or editing a test case attachment using the Helix ALM SDK, the m-strType value is automatically set to ‘Standard’. You can set the value to ‘Script’ to...
02 May, 2017
document License Server Not Initialized Status
When the Helix ALM License Server cannot receive license usage details from the Helix ALM or Surround SCM Servers, an error that explains the license server is not initialized is written to the application server log. The application server automatically reconnects and sends the license usage...
11 May, 2017
document DSNs Not Displayed in the Helix ALM or License Server Admin Utility
Problem When configuring the Helix ALM Server or Helix ALM License Server to use a SQL Server database, the Data Source Name field in the server admin utility does not include all the configured DSNs. This occurs when configuring a new connection or converting the server database from 32-bit...
02 Jun, 2017
document Starting the PostgreSQL Server for Surround SCM
The following information tells you how to start the PostgreSQL Server if it was installed with Surround SCM. Windows The PostgreSQL Server is installed as a service and starts automatically. Mac A PostgreSQL folder is created in the /Library/StartupItems directory. The PostgreSQL...
06 Jun, 2017
document Notifications Formatted Incorrectly in Microsoft Outlook
Problem Helix ALM notifications are formatted incorrectly in Microsoft Outlook plain text emails. Hard returns entered in the email template are not displayed in the email. Cause By default, Microsoft Outlook's AutoClean feature removes hard returns in plain text emails. Solution ...
02 Jun, 2017
document Helix ALM Windows File Attachment Upload Error
Problem The following error is returned when a saving an item that uploads a new attachment when using Helix ALM on Windows: 'A communication error occurred during the transaction. Socket error caused incomplete request from []: File Transfer Error.' Cause This...
30 May, 2017
document Using Server Parameters in Helix ALM RSS Feeds
If your web server is configured to allow access to multiple Helix ALM Servers from a single CGI, you can specify the server to connect to in URLs for RSS feeds. If you do not specify a server, the URL connects to the default server configured on the web server. SERVERADDR and SERVERPORT...
02 Jun, 2017

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