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Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack)
document Configuring External Authentication Components for TestTrack RM Reviewer
Note: TestTrack RM Reviewer support was discontinued starting with the TestTrack Web 2013.1 release and the functionality is now included in the Helix ALM Web client. External authentication systems can be integrated with the Seapine License Server to allow users to log in to...
13 Jun, 2017
document Understanding the Differences Between the Assigned To User and Currently Assigned To Fields
You can view current and historical assignment information in Helix ALM when you sort list window columns, perform searches, create filters, or generate reports. Workflow events that allow new assignments, such as Assign, include an assignment field. Use this assignment field to view...
25 Apr, 2017
document Helix ALM Returns a Send(): Broken Pipe Error
Problem The following error is returned when you are using the Helix ALM Client on Mac: 'An error occurred sending the request to the server. Send (): Broken pipe' Cause The client times out due to inactivity and drops the connection to the Helix ALM Server. Solution Restart...
02 Jun, 2017
document Enabling MAPI for Use with TestTrack
Note: The following information only applies to TestTrack 2011.1 and earlier. You need to enable MAPI if you are running the TestTrack Server as a service. Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools. Double-click the Services icon. Select the TestTrack...
30 Dec, 2014
document Retrieving Global Users in Helix ALM
Problem You added global users to the Helix ALM License Server, but the users cannot access Helix ALM. Cause Users added to the license server are not automatically added to Helix ALM. Solution Retrieve the global users in Helix ALM. Make sure retrieved users are...
11 May, 2017
document Upgrading Oracle Helix ALM Projects on Linux Servers
Note: This information only applies to Helix ALM (and TestTrack 7.5 - 2016.1) running on Linux. Helix ALM no longer supports the OpenLink Oracle drivers due to an issue with Unicode characters. You must use the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) to connect to Oracle databases. If...
26 Apr, 2017
document TestTrack SMTP Send Mail Error #550
Note: The following information only applies to TestTrack 2013.0.2 and earlier. Problem The SMTP server returns a 550 error with the following reply text: rejected: syntax error in 'From' header when scanning for sender: missing or malformed local part in ""TestTrack" < >"...
31 Dec, 2014
document Date/Time Restrictions Use Server Computer's Date and Time
You can create Helix ALM restrictions based on date/time values. Date/time range restrictions limit results to records that contain or do not contain a date range, date/time range, or specified time period. Keep in mind that, by default, these restrictions use the server's local time as the...
27 Apr, 2017
document TestTrack 2013.1.1 and Earlier Crashes on Mac OS X 10.9
Problem TestTrack 2013.1.1 and earlier crashes after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.9. Cause The FreeType library used by TestTrack cannot load some fonts included with Mac OS X 10.9. Solution Move the following fonts from the /Library/Fonts directory to another directory on the...
29 Dec, 2014
document Cannot Perform Functions with the Helix ALM SDK
Problem The following error is returned when you perform a request, such as getTestCase, using the Helix ALM SDK: 'You do not have sufficient security clearance to perform this function.' Cause A license is not assigned to the SOAP user or there is a problem with the logon...
02 Jun, 2017

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