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Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack)
document TestTrack SMTP Send Mail Error #501
Note: The following information only applies to TestTrack 2013.0.2 and earlier. This article includes information about two separate but related 501 errors. Problem The SMTP server returns a 501 Invalid Command In error. Cause The mail server expects to receive an extra set of...
31 Dec, 2014
document Configuring an Exchange Server for Email Tracking
Problem The Microsoft Exchange Server (2000/2003/2007) rejects tracked emails sent from Helix ALM. Cause The ‘From’ user specified in the SMTP header does not match the SMTP login information used by the Helix ALM Server to connect to the SMTP server. Solution Configure the...
26 Apr, 2017
document Customizing Helix ALM Workflow Event Toolbar Icons
Helix ALM workflow event toolbar icons can be customized. You can use the icons installed in the workflowicons directory in the Helix ALM application directory or create your own icons. Keep the following in mind: The icons must be 16x16, 24x24, or 32x32 pixels in BMP, GIF, or PNG...
25 Apr, 2017
document New TestTrack Project is Not Displayed in the Projects List
Problem A newly created project is not displayed in the project list when logging in to TestTrack. Cause When a user creates a new project in the TestTrack Server Admin Utility, the logged in user is the only user added to the project. Consequently, this same user is also the only one...
23 Dec, 2014
document Understanding Helix ALM’s Server Architecture
Helix ALM and Surround SCM are based on a client/server model. Helix ALM’s server architecture creates a fast and highly scalable solution. The client/server model makes it easy for multiple users to access project information and manage tasks from anywhere at any time. The attached PDF...
25 Apr, 2017
document Helix ALM SDK Support
SOAP is a platform-independent and language-independent protocol. SOAP can be accessed using many different programming languages, but Perforce cannot provide technical support for all of these languages. SOAP support is only provided for limited platforms and languages including C# and Visual...
25 Apr, 2017
document TestTrack Server and Seapine License Server Cannot Run as Applications on Windows Vista
Problem A 'cannot initialize the server database' error is returned when the TestTrack Server or Seapine License Server is run as an application on Windows Vista. In addition, the TestTrack Registry Utility will not apply changes made to server or CGI options when running on Windows...
23 Dec, 2014
document Differences in Features Between the TestTrack Pro Client and TestTrack Pro Web
Note: The following information only applies to TestTrack 2013.0.2 and earlier. The TestTrack Pro Client and TestTrack Pro Web provide most of the same features with a few exceptions. The following features are not supported in TestTrack Pro Web: Integration with source code control...
30 Dec, 2014
document Modifying TestTrack Databases
Note: This information only applies to TestTrack 7.0 and later. If you use TestTrack 7.0 or later, you can store data in a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) database, such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, instead of the native TestTrack database format. You can...
05 Jan, 2015
document Using the Read-Only ODBC Driver to Access TestTrack Native Projects
Note: The TestTrack ODBC driver is only supported with TestTrack 2011.1 and earlier. Seapine Software provides a read-only ODBC driver that can be used to query data in TestTrack native projects. Installing the ODBC driver Download the ODBC driver. Unzip the ODBC zip...
30 Dec, 2014

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