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Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack)
document Helix ALM Detected Suspicious Network Activity Error
Problem Users cannot log in to Helix ALM clients and the following error is returned: ‘You cannot log in because Helix ALM detected suspicious network activity.’ Cause Clients cannot verify the authenticity of the Helix ALM Server, which may indicate that a hacker is trying to...
06 Jun, 2017
document Incorrect CGI Information on the Helix ALM Server Computer
Problem The following error is returned when using a Helix ALM web client: ‘The Helix ALM Server computer must be updated with the correct CGI information.’ Cause The Helix ALM CGI process generated by the web server does not have read access to the registry. The Helix ALM web...
28 Jun, 2017
document Forcing Helix ALM Web to Log In to a Specific Project
You can force a log in to a specific Helix ALM project using a direct link to the CGI. First, you need the database ID number for the project. To find this information, start the Helix ALM Server Admin Utility. The ID number is listed in the first column of the Projects dialog box. The CGI...
06 Jun, 2017
document Helix ALM Cannot Connect to Web Server When Using Internet Explorer
Problem Users cannot complete requests or connect to the web server when using Helix ALM Web in Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or 11. The following error is returned when debugging in Internet Explorer: ‘XMLHttpRequest: Network Error 0x2ef3, Could not complete the operation due to error...
28 Apr, 2017
document Finding Private Filter Information in Helix ALM Project Databases
If you need to see information about private filters in a Helix ALM project and you have access to project databases, you can query the database to find it. Note: If you use TestTrack 2011.1.3 or earlier, you cannot query TestTrack native databases using the following information. You can only...
06 Jun, 2017
document Upgrades Fail on Computers Running AVG 9.0
There are known issues when upgrading QA Wizard Pro on computers running AVG 9.0. Before you upgrade, disable AVG 9.0 and then re-enable it after the upgrade is completed.
23 Dec, 2014
document GLIBCXX Version Not Found Error on Fedora
Problem The following error is returned when running Helix ALM clients on Fedora: ‘/usr/lib/seapine/tt/ version GLIBCXX_3.4.9 not found (required by /lib/ Failed to load module: /usr/lib/gio/modules/’ Cause Gnome cannot load a...
28 Apr, 2017
document Cannot Install or Run Applications on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
Note: This article only applies to TestTrack 2015.1.1 and earlier, Surround SCM 2015.1.0 and earlier, and Seapine License Server 2015.1.0 and earlier. Problem Desktop client and server applications do not work on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). You cannot run installers or applications...
24 May, 2017
document Prompted to Install Java Runtime When Installing Helix ALM on Mac
Problem You are prompted to install a Java SE runtime when installing or upgrading Helix ALM on Mac. Cause The Helix ALM installer requires Java SE Runtime 6 to run, but it is not installed. Other versions are not supported. Solution  Click Install to install the Java...
28 Apr, 2017
document Certificates Corrupted or Altered on Windows XP and Server 2003
Problem When you view the certificate for a product executable file (.exe) on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, the following error is returned: ‘The integrity of this certificate cannot be guaranteed. The certificate may be corrupted or may have been altered.’ If you attempt...
07 Jun, 2017

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