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Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack)
document Distribution Report Legend is Empty
Problem The legend is empty when a Helix ALM distribution report that contains a line chart is printed. However, the legend is visible when previewing the report. Cause This problem is caused by an Internet Explorer setting. Solution Change the Internet Explorer setting. ...
25 Apr, 2017
document Creating an Exclusive Helix ALM User for Background SOAP Applications
If you have a background SOAP application that runs on a regular basis, we recommend that you create an exclusive, dedicated Helix ALM user for use only with the SOAP application. Creating an exclusive user includes the following advantages: You can embed the Helix ALM username and password...
26 Apr, 2017
document Helix ALM Trend Reports Take a Long Time to Display
Problem Helix ALM trend reports take a long time to display when generating. In some instances, a server timed out or a session dropped error occurs. Cause Trend reports with a large amount of data can take a long time to spool the data from the Helix ALM Server, through the web...
26 Apr, 2017
document Helix ALM Before Save Triggers Do Not Run
Problem Triggers based on the 'is created' action, such as Issue is created, with the 'Before save' option selected do not run if the selected filter includes a Number, Folders, or Folder Path restriction. Cause Before save triggers run when a request to save a record is received by the...
27 Apr, 2017
document Setting Drop-Down Field Values to Not Set in the TestTrack SDK
If you use the SOAP SDK and try to change a drop-down field value to <not>, the behavior may not work as expected. For example, the following code was used in a C# application:  ((CDropdownField)defect.customFieldList[0]). value = null; The developer wanted to change the field...
23 Dec, 2014
document Understanding Electronic Signatures
You can require electronic signatures when users change records in Helix ALM. When electronic signatures are required, the user is prompted to enter an electronic signature and an optional reason when a record is created, modified, or deleted. When the record is saved, the user’s name, ID, and...
27 Apr, 2017
document Upgrading Workflow Event Dates to TestTrack 2008 and Later
TestTrack 2008 and later includes the time in the workflow event Date field. If you upgrade a project or import an XML or text file exported from an earlier version, the time on all workflow events is automatically set to 11:59:59 GMT.
23 Dec, 2014
document Apple Mail Incorrectly Uses the Helix ALM Email Tracking Address
Problem Emails composed in Apple Mail use the Helix ALM email tracking address instead of the user’s email address. Cause Apple Mail uses the last email address by default. If the last email you sent was a reply to a tracked email, Apple Mail saves the Helix ALM email tracking...
25 Apr, 2017
document Custom Fields Do Not Appear in Field Relationship Lists
Problem Helix ALM custom fields are added to the project but are not available in field relationship drop-down lists. Cause The custom field was created as a text field. Solution Delete the custom field. Re-add the field and make sure you select Pop-up menu for the Field...
03 May, 2017
document Troubleshooting TestTrack Server Problems on Unix
Problem The TestTrack Server does not start. The server script, ttstudio, is executing but the server is still not running. Cause #1 In a Unix environment all data files and the file extensions are case sensitive and must be in uppercase letters. When moving files from Windows to Unix,...
31 Dec, 2014