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Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack)
document Notifications are Formatted Incorrectly in Microsoft Outlook
Problem Helix ALM notifications are formatted incorrectly in Microsoft Outlook plain text emails. Hard returns entered in the email template are not displayed in the email. Cause By default, Microsoft Outlook's AutoClean feature removes hard returns in plain text emails. Solution ...
27 Apr, 2017
document Supported Email Protocols and Standards
TestTrack supports MAPI, SMTP, and POP3 mail transport. The SMTP and POP3 standards used by TestTrack are: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP ) as outlined by the Internet standard RFC 821 Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) as outlined by the request for comments RFC 1460, RFC 937,...
30 Dec, 2014
document Helix ALM Windows File Attachment Upload Error
Problem An error occurs when uploading a file attachment in Helix ALM on Windows. The following error is returned when a record is saved with a new attachment: 'A communication error occurred during the transaction. Socket error caused incomplete request from []: File...
26 Apr, 2017
document Using Server Parameters in Helix ALM RSS Feeds
Note: This information only applies to Helix ALM (and TestTrack 2008.2 - 2016.1). If your web server is configured to allow access to multiple Helix ALM Servers from a single CGI, you can specify the server to connect to in URLs for RSS feeds. If you do not specify a server, the URL connects...
28 Apr, 2017
document Changing Application Fonts on Unix Platforms
If you are running Helix ALM clients, including Surround SCM, or the Helix ALM License Server Admin Utility on a Unix platform, you can change the default font. Remember, this change affects all Qt applications that you run. Qt includes a utility, qtconfig, that can be used to set the default...
25 Apr, 2017
document ODBC Call Failed Error #1032
Note: The following information only applies to TestTrack 2011.1.3 and earlier. Problem When you process a query using the TestTrack ODBC driver, you receive the following error message: ODBC - call failed. [Seapine Software][TestTrack ODBC Driver]T (#1032) Cause A main query is...
30 Dec, 2014
document Using Microsoft Access to Query TestTrack Projects
The following Access example builds a query that returns the number of defects found per date using the Seapine ODBC driver. Connecting to a data source Start Microsoft Access and open a Blank Access database. Enter a database name and click Create. Choose File > Get External...
31 Dec, 2014
document Helix ALM SMTP Send Mail Error #553
Problem The SMTP server returns a “malformed address” error. Cause The SMTP server expects email address to be in the format of This error occurs if the name specified in the user account is in MAPI format (TestTrack 2011.1 and earlier only) or if you add multiple...
26 Apr, 2017
document TestTrack Linux Server glibc _res Error
Problem Starting the TestTrack Server on Linux with Red Hat 9 returns a glibc _res error. Cause Red Hat 9 has a known defect causing this error. The errata update is available from Red Hat’s web site at: This is not a TestTrack...
31 Dec, 2014
document Distributed Databases Cause Problems with TestTrack Data Files
Problem If you use the TestTrack native database format, distributed databases on your network can become corrupt. Cause When the computer running the TestTrack Server shuts down it does not close the TestTrack database correctly. For example: A TestTrack native database resides...
05 Jan, 2015

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