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Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack)
document Email Not Sent if STARTTLS 1.0 Protocol Used
Problem Email is not sent from Helix ALM or Surround SCM and the following error is displayed in the mail queue: ‘Sending email via SMTP failed due to a send error. The SMTP host’s reply code to the MAIL command was 550, but it was expected to be 250. The reply text was “5.7.1 Client...
23 May, 2017
document Helix ALM Accessibility Support
The JAWS screen reader can be used with the Helix ALM client or server admin utility on Windows. The following controls are supported: Push buttons Line and text edits Main and context menus Check boxes Combo boxes Drilldown headers List views Message boxes Spin...
26 Apr, 2017
document Helix ALM Database Management
Data loss can occur due to virus attacks, hard drive crashes, or file system corruption. It is a good idea to take measures to prevent damage to a database and data corruption. Back up databases on a routine schedule. Make sure the Helix ALM Server computer is shutdown correctly if you...
26 Apr, 2017
document Object Renaming Error During Helix ALM Upgrade
Problem When upgrading Helix ALM, an error is returned stating that an object cannot be renamed because the object participates in enforced dependencies. Cause When the RDBMS enforces a constraint, such as a foreign key constraint or view, that references the Helix ALM table by...
28 Apr, 2017
document Missing Fonts in Helix ALM Formatting Toolbar on Linux
Problem When editing text in multi-line text fields in Helix ALM on Linux, the font list does not include additional fonts to choose from. Cause The standard fonts that Helix ALM uses in its WYSIWYG formatting editor may not be installed on the Linux distribution. Solution Use the...
02 Jun, 2017
document Enabling Multiple Logins to TestTrack Projects
Note: This information only applies to TestTrack 7.6 and later. Depending on project options, floating license users can log in to a TestTrack project multiple times simultaneously. TestTrack uses a floating license each time a user logs in to a project. For example, if a user logs into a...
05 Jan, 2015
document ttstudio Hyperlinks Not Enabled for Helix ALM RSS Feeds in Internet Explorer 7
Problem Hyperlinks are not enabled for Helix ALM RSS feeds in Internet Explorer 7. This occurs if the 'RSS feed using ttstudio hyperlinks to items' option is selected when you subscribe to the feed in Helix ALM. Cause Internet Explorer 7 does not support ttstudio:// hyperlinks. It only...
02 Jun, 2017
document Empty Helix ALM Distribution Report Legend
Problem The legend is empty when a Helix ALM distribution report that contains a line chart is printed. However, the legend is visible when previewing the report. Cause This problem is caused by an Internet Explorer setting. Solution Change the Internet Explorer setting. ...
30 May, 2017
document Creating an Exclusive Helix ALM User for Background SOAP Applications
If you have a background SOAP application that runs on a regular basis, we recommend that you create an exclusive, dedicated Helix ALM user for use only with the SOAP application. Creating an exclusive user includes the following advantages: You can embed the Helix ALM username and password...
26 Apr, 2017
document Helix ALM Trend Reports Take a Long Time to Display
Problem Helix ALM trend reports take a long time to display when generating. In some instances, a server timed out or a session dropped error occurs. Cause Trend reports with a large amount of data can take a long time to spool the data from the Helix ALM Server, through the web...
26 Apr, 2017

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