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document Testing Email Template Changes
You can modify and preview TestTrack email templates from the Send Mail dialog box, which allows you to test the changes and check the email formatting. Select an issue, requirement, requirement document, test case, or test run. Make sure you select an item related to the email...
23 Dec, 2014
document Opening Multiple TestTrack Instances on Mac OS X
Problem You cannot open multiple instances of the TestTrack Client on Mac OS X even if the 'Allow multiple instances of this application' option is selected in Local Options. Cause Mac OS X Finder does not allow multiple instances of an application. Solution Duplicate the...
31 Dec, 2014
document TestTrack Server Does Not Start at Boot Time on Linux
Problem The TestTrack Server does not start at boot time on some Linux distributions even if the start at boot option is selected during installation. Cause The TestTrack Server application is not registered in the Services Manager or cannot access the required libraries. Solution ...
31 Dec, 2014
document TestTrack ODBC Call Failed Error #1024
Note: The following information only applies to TestTrack 2011.1.3 and earlier. Problem When querying a Microsoft Access database that links to a TestTrack project, the following error is returned: ODBC-Call Failed. [Seapine software][TestTrack ODBC Dr (#1024)] Cause The query is...
30 Dec, 2014
document Enabling Image File Attachment Thumbnails
Note: This information only applies to TestTrack 7.6 and later. TestTrack can create thumbnail previews of image files attached to defects, requirements, requirement documents, test cases, and test runs. You can view thumbnails of GIF, JPG, BMP, and PNG files. Choose Tools >...
05 Jan, 2015
document TestTrack Automation Rules Stop Working
Note: This information only applies to TestTrack 2008 and later. Automation rules that assign records can only enter events with zero or one resulting state. If you edit the workflow and add another resulting state to an event used in an automation rule, rules that use the event will no longer...
31 Dec, 2014
document Apache Support in the TestTrack SDK
Note: You must have a server correctly configured with an X509 certificate for Apache support. The SOAP-based TestTrack SDK supports Apache using SSL and a self-sign certificate as long as the certificate is added to the Trusted Certificate List maintained by Windows. If the self-sign...
31 Dec, 2014
document Auto-Assignment Rules Stop Working
Note: This information only applies to TestTrack 7.6 and earlier. You can only configure TestTrack auto-assignment rules for workflow states that have an event with only one resulting state. If you edit the workflow and add another resulting state to an event that is used in auto-assignment...
31 Dec, 2014
document Encoding Inline Image and Attachment File Data in the TestTrack SDK
File data for inline images in multi-line text fields and file attachments is stored in the m_pFileData member of the CFileAttachment object as a Base64-encoded string. The SOAP script or application used to add new attachments must encode the image or attachment file data. To display the data, it...
30 Dec, 2014
document Configuring External Authentication Components for TestTrack RM Reviewer
External authentication systems can be integrated with the Seapine License Server to allow users to log in to Seapine products using their existing authentication system credentials. Web servers that host TestTrack RM Reviewer require custom pages to support external authentication for logging in...
23 Dec, 2014

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