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document Email Server Connections Fail When STARTTLS Protocol Used and AVG Installed
Problem The following error is returned when testing connections to email servers configured in Helix ALM or Surround SCM on Windows: ‘Unable to establish the socket connection to port 995 on host. Please verify the host IP address is correct. Unable to create local socket resource....
23 May, 2017
document Cannot View Surround SCM Repository History
Problem When viewing Surround SCM repository history, the following error is returned: ‘Error getting history: Record not found; the selected item may not exist.’ This problem may also occur as an exception when collecting VCS repository changes from the Surround SCM TeamCity...
22 Dec, 2014
document History Details Not Available After Upgrading Surround SCM
Note: This information only applies to Surround SCM using a SQL Server database. Problem History details are not available when viewing file or repository history in Surround SCM. A 'Record not found' error may also be displayed. Cause The SQL Server user account used to connect to...
06 Jun, 2017
document Helix ALM Items Not Displayed When Attaching Source Control Files
Problem Issues, test cases, or requirements are not displayed in the Helix ALM Browser dialog box in Surround SCM when you attempt to attach source control files to Helix ALM items. Cause Security permissions to edit Helix ALM items are required to attach source control files. If...
23 May, 2017
document Surround SCM Files Retrieved to Encrypted Folders Not Encrypted
Problem After getting files from Surround SCM to an encrypted Windows folder, the local files are not encrypted. Cause Surround SCM retrieves files to a temporary directory before transferring them to the specified local directory. If the local and temporary directories are on the same...
23 May, 2017
document Surround SCM or ALM Data Warehouse Displays Incorrect Helix ALM Data or Cannot Retrieve Data
Problem Surround SCM and Helix ALM Data Warehouse display incorrect Helix ALM data or cannot retrieve data. For example, in Surround SCM, users may see items from the wrong Helix ALM project. In ALM Data Warehouse, users may not be able to log in, Helix ALM projects may not be...
30 May, 2017
document Users Cannot Log In After Upgrading
Problem After upgrading Helix ALM or Surround SCM, the following error is returned when users log in: ‘You have not been assigned a Helix ALM license. You cannot log in.’ -or- ‘You have not been assigned a Surround SCM license. You cannot log in.’ Cause The user does...
11 May, 2017
document Cannot Open Containing Folder from Surround SCM
Problem On Windows 7, right-clicking a file or repository in the Surround SCM and choosing Open Containing Folder does not open the working directory. Cause Antivirus software installed on the computer may have security features enabled that prevent Surround SCM from opening the...
22 Dec, 2014
document Changing Temporary Directory Mounting on Fedora
Fedora 18 and later uses tmpfs to mount /tmp, which sets the directory used for Helix ALM and Surround SCM temporary files in the system memory. This directory mounting may cause problems when working with file attachments or reports. To change the /tmp mounting, run the following command...
07 Jun, 2017
document Cannot Install or Run Applications on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
Note: This article only applies to TestTrack 2015.1.1 and earlier, Surround SCM 2015.1.0 and earlier, and Seapine License Server 2015.1.0 and earlier. Problem Desktop client and server applications do not work on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). You cannot run installers or applications...
24 May, 2017

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