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document Persistent and Non-Persistent Connections in Helix ALM and Surround SCM
Helix ALM Users logged in to Helix ALM maintain a persistent connection to the Helix ALM Server, which means they stay connected to the server until they log out. Changes made to the server that cause it to go offline while users are logged in, such as upgrades, will cause those users to lose...
02 May, 2017
document Qt LGPL Source Code Archives
Helix ALM, Helix ALM License Server, and Surround SCM are built using Qt libraries. These products use Qt libraries covered by version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The following source code archives are provided in compliance with the LGPL. You can download the...
18 Apr, 2018
document Cannot Restart Server on Linux
Problem After stopping the following server applications on some Linux distributions, you cannot restart the them: Helix ALM License Server Helix ALM Server Surround SCM Proxy Server Surround SCM Server Cause The semaphore used to store the product ID process was...
11 May, 2017
document Checking for Missing System Libraries on Linux
After installing Helix ALM, Helix ALM License Server, or Surround SCM on Linux, check for missing system libraries before running the applications to make sure they work correctly. To see which libraries are missing, use the ldd <path to binary> command. For example, enter...
03 Aug, 2017
document Binary File Storage in Surround SCM
In addition to text files, binary files, which include sound and image files, can also be added and versioned using Surround SCM. Other source control tools store a full copy of each version of a binary file in the database. Because binary files can be very large, these redundant files can quickly...
30 Apr, 2015
document PostgreSQL Database Maintenance
The PostgreSQL database needs to be maintained regularly. It is always a good idea to carry out proper routine maintenance on any database system. See Maintaining Surround SCM PostgreSQL Databases for more information.
26 Jan, 2018
document Surround SCM Server Does Not Start at Boot Time on Linux
Problem The Surround SCM Server does not start at boot time on some Linux distributions even if the start at boot option is selected during installation. Cause The Surround SCM Server application is not registered in the Services Manager or cannot access the required...
12 May, 2017
document Surround SCM CLI Unicode Characters Display Incorrectly
Problem On Windows, the Surround SCM CLI displays Unicode characters as question marks and boxes. Cause The +u option, which displays CLI output in Unicode, is not specified or the Windows language files are not installed or configured correctly for the...
11 May, 2017
document Surround SCM PostgreSQL Installation Fails on Linux
Problem When you install PostgreSQL on Linux, the installation fails and the following error is returned: 'ERROR: encoding UTF8 does not match server's locale en_US' Cause Surround SCM 2009 and later supports UTF-8 metadata and requires a UTF-8 encoded database. Because PostgreSQL on...
23 Dec, 2014
document Changing the Surround SCM Server to a Service
On Windows, we recommend installing the Surround SCM Server as a service. A service is a program that automatically starts when the system starts and automatically stops when the system is shut down. To change the Surround SCM Server to a service: Choose Start > Run to open the Run...
11 May, 2017

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