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document Setting Up the Surround SCM Proxy Server
The Surround SCM Proxy Server is a file caching proxy that improves performance of file retrievals at remote client sites. As such, the proxy server is usually installed on a separate computer from the master server at the remote location where the clients using the proxy reside. This is not a...
30 Sep, 2015
document No Files to Rebase in Surround SCM
Problem Surround SCM returns the following message when you rebase a branch or file, even if the contents of a file in the parent and child branches are different: 'There are no files to rebase.' This occurs when you perform a rebase to resync the parent and child branches to make the...
12 May, 2017
document Surround SCM Unix Default Directories, Commands, and Configuration Files
Following are the default directories, commands, and configuration files for Surround SCM applications running on Linux and Mac. Linux Desktop client Application directory - /var/lib/SurroundSCM To start - /usr/bin/scmgui CLI Application directory - /usr/bin To...
09 Jun, 2017
document Surround SCM Cannot Connect to the License Server
Problem You cannot log in to Surround SCM. The Local SCM Admin Logon dialog box opens when you attempt to log in. Cause Surround SCM cannot connect to the license server for one or more of the following reasons: The license server is not running. The license server IP address,...
06 Jun, 2017
document Helix ALM Server Architecture
Helix ALM and Surround SCM are based on a client/server model. Helix ALM’s server architecture creates a fast and highly scalable solution. The client/server model makes it easy for multiple users to access project information and manage tasks from anywhere at any time. The attached PDF...
30 May, 2017
document Surround SCM Proxy Server Does Not Start
Problem The Surround SCM Proxy Server does not start or shuts down immediately. Cause This generally happens for one of the following reasons: The proxy server does not have read/write permissions for the proxy cache directory and its files. Check the permissions and make sure...
06 Jul, 2017
document Backing Up Databases - Surround SCM 2008.1 and Earlier
Note: The following information only applies to Surround SCM 2008.1 and earlier. See Backing Up Databases - Surround SCM 2009 and Later for information about later versions. The Surround SCM database contains branches, repositories, source files, users, groups, and server options. We strongly...
30 Apr, 2015
document Setting the Default Date for Date Custom Fields
When you create a date custom field in Surround SCM, you must set the default date for the field. The default value is set when a file is added to Surround SCM or when a trigger fires that sets fields to the default value. You can configure the default date using one of the following...
23 Dec, 2014
document Configuring the Surround SCM Integration for Web-based Visual Studio Projects
The attached tutorial (PDF) demonstrates several practices for using the Visual Studio source control integration with Surround SCM for web-based projects. We assume you have some knowledge of Surround SCM and have created at least one mainline branch for Visual Studio projects. Note:...
30 Apr, 2015
document Using Surround SCM Workspace Branches
Workspaces, or sandboxes, are private environments developers can create and use to implement code changes without affecting the common source code repository. Workspaces contain copies of source code files from the common repository and are stored either locally or on a server. Users can...
12 May, 2017

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