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QA Wizard Pro
document Remote Playback Support
QA Wizard Pro only supports remote playback through QAWRemote.exe. Other configurations are not supported. For example, you cannot start virtualization software, such as Citrix, from QA Wizard Pro on a Windows Vista computer and run scripts against an application on a Windows 2003 computer. If...
23 Dec, 2014
document Changing Default Search Criteria
Note: The following information only applies to controls that use the Standard search method. During playback, QA Wizard Pro searches for windows and controls using the search criteria selected in the window/control Properties dialog box. When QA Wizard Pro stores a control in the repository,...
05 May, 2017
document Escape Sequence Is Not Defined Error During Playback
Problem QA Wizard Pro returns the following error during playback when an EvaluateRegExpression function is evaluated: 'The escape sequence is not defined.' Cause Meta characters used as literal characters in the RegularExpression argument of the EvaluateRegExpression function...
22 Oct, 2015
document Locating DOS Batch File Run Reports
If you use a DOS batch file to run multiple scripts from multiple workspaces, QA Wizard Pro run reports are created in a Reports subdirectory of the scripts directory. In the following example, a batch file runs multiple scripts from multiple workspaces. "C:\Program Files\Perforce\QA...
05 May, 2017
document 1506 Error When Creating OCR Checkpoints
Problem When you try to create an OCR checkpoint, QA Wizard Pro returns error 1506. Cause QA Wizard Pro uses a third-party OCR engine. One of the required files, such as LeadV122.LIC, is missing from the C:\Windows\system32 directory. Refer to the list of all required files in...
23 Dec, 2014
document Web Controls Not Displayed in Preview Screenshots
Problem A web application control selected in the QA Wizard Pro application repository is either not displayed in the screenshot image in the Preview pane or the red box that highlights controls is displayed in a blank area below the image. Cause During recording, QA Wizard Pro captures...
23 Dec, 2014
document OpenRecordsetQuery Statement Using SQL Queries with Single Quotes Do Not Work
Problem Using the OpenRecordsetQuery statement with a SQL query argument that contains single quotes does not work and a syntax error is returned. Cause SQL queries require single quotation marks with a Unicode value of 0096 (decimal). The single quote characters used in the QA Wizard...
29 Dec, 2014
document Testing .NET Windows Forms Applications
QA Wizard Pro recognizes .NET Windows Forms controls uniquely, which helps you record and run tests without spending extra time setting up the testing environment or the application repository. During recording, QA Wizard captures the following .NET Windows Forms control properties. These...
29 Dec, 2014
document Changing the Global Repository Data Directory and Port
Note: This information only applies to QA Wizard Pro 2011.0 and earlier. By default, the QA Wizard Pro application repository data is saved in [drive]:\QAWRepository, where [drive] is the drive letter of the installation path. For example, if you installed the product in C:\Program...
23 Dec, 2014
document Expanding and Collapsing Tree Nodes in Scripts
If you expand and collapse nodes to select an item in a tree control during recording, a Select statement is added to the script. This statement includes all of the nodes that were expanded or collapsed to select the item. The following example shows a Select statement that selects an item in...
23 Dec, 2014

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