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QA Wizard Pro
document Running Scripts Against Applications That Require Login
If a QA Wizard Pro script runs against an application that requires a user to log in, you must log in to the application from the script. If you log in to the application before running scripts, QA Wizard Pro cannot locate windows and controls during playback. We recommend recording a single...
23 Dec, 2014
document Setting Playback Options on Remote Computers
You can set playback options on each remote computer that runs QA Wizard Pro scripts. Scripts do not use the playback options set on the computer used for recording. On the remote computer, right-click the qawremote.exe icon in the Windows taskbar and choose Console. Make sure that the...
29 Dec, 2014
document TestTrack Integration Fails
Problem The following error is returned when configuring the TestTrack integration in QA Wizard Pro: 'Cannot retrieve the database list from the TestTrack Server.' This can occur when you select a project or click Refresh on the TestTrack tab in the Properties dialog box, or when...
29 Dec, 2014
document Disable Browser Auto Complete Options Before Recording Web Scripts
We recommend disabling all web browser auto complete options for forms and passwords before recording and running QA Wizard Pro web scripts. If auto complete options are enabled, scripts may fail because incorrect values are entered or controls cannot be found because the list of auto complete...
23 Dec, 2014
document Cannot Install QA Wizard Pro on Windows Server 2003
Note: The following information only applies to QA Wizard Pro 2016.0.2 and earlier. Problem You cannot install or upgrade QA Wizard Pro on Windows Server 2003. Note: If a '.NET is not installed' error was returned during installation, see Windows Server 2003 Local Administrators Cannot...
06 Jun, 2016
document Workspace Conversion
QA Wizard Pro 2009.1 and later uses a new workspace file format that allows you to create folders in workspaces to organize scripts, batch files, and datasheets. A message is displayed if you try to open a workspace in an old or unknown format. If the workspace is in an old format, you are...
23 Dec, 2014
document Changing the SetContext Value in Multiple Scripts
The SetContext statement contains the application and version to connect to in the application repository. You may need to change scripts if they need to use a different application or version in the repository. Because QA Wizard Pro scripts are text based, you can search for and replace the...
23 Dec, 2014
document Windows Server 2003 Local Administrators Cannot Install QA Wizard Pro
Note: The following information only applies to QA Wizard Pro 2016.0.2 and earlier. Problem When installing QA Wizard Pro as a Windows Server 2003 local administrator, the installation fails and the following error is returned: '.NET is not installed' Cause The Windows Server...
06 Jun, 2016
document Modifying Web Scripts to Run Against a Different Web Server
If you want to test a web application hosted on multiple servers, you can use repository variables and URL format rules to handle URL changes so scripts that were recorded on a different web server can run correctly. Modify the URL value with a repository variable When you switch to a...
23 Dec, 2014
document Select Statement Does Not Work As Expected When Retrieving Numeric Values from Local Datasheets
Problem When the Select statement is used to retrieve numeric values from a local datasheet, one of the following issues occurs: An incorrect value is returned from the datasheet. Playback fails and the following error is returned: 'The item cannot be found'. Cause The Select...
29 Dec, 2014

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