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QA Wizard Pro
document QA Wizard Pro Workspace Conversion
QA Wizard Pro 2009.1 and later uses a new workspace file format that allows you to create folders in workspaces to organize scripts, batch files, and datasheets. A message is displayed if you try to open a workspace in an old or unknown format. If the workspace is in an old format, you are...
07 Jun, 2017
document Changing the SetContext Value in Multiple QA Wizard Pro Scripts
The SetContext statement contains the application and version to connect to in the QA Wizard Pro application repository. You may need to change scripts if they need to use a different application or version in the repository. Because QA Wizard Pro scripts are text based, you can search for and...
07 Jun, 2017
document Windows Server 2003 Local Administrators Cannot Install QA Wizard Pro
Note: The following information only applies to QA Wizard Pro 2016.0.2 and earlier. Problem When installing QA Wizard Pro as a Windows Server 2003 local administrator, the installation fails and the following error is returned: '.NET is not installed' Cause The Windows Server...
06 Jun, 2016
document Modifying Web Scripts to Run Against a Different Web Server
If you want to test a web application hosted on multiple servers, you can use repository variables and URL format rules to handle URL changes so scripts that were recorded on a different web server can run correctly. Modify the URL value with a repository variable When you switch to a...
23 Dec, 2014
document QA Wizard Pro Select Statement Does Not Work As Expected When Retrieving Numeric Values from Local Datasheets
Problem When the Select statement is used to retrieve numeric values from a local datasheet, one of the following issues occurs: An incorrect value is returned from the datasheet. Playback fails and the following error is returned: 'The item cannot be found'. Cause The Select...
07 Jun, 2017
document Unable to Recommend Repository Changes in QA Wizard Pro
Note: This information applies to QA Wizard Pro 2009 and later. During playback, smart matching is used to recommend better search criteria if QA Wizard Pro cannot determine the difference between two or more controls. If this occurs, QA Wizard Pro displays a warning that includes a 'Review...
07 Jun, 2017
document QA Wizard Pro Remote Playback Support
QA Wizard Pro only supports remote playback through QAWRemote.exe. Other configurations are not supported. For example, you cannot start virtualization software, such as Citrix, from QA Wizard Pro on a Windows Vista computer and run scripts against an application on a Windows 2003 computer. If...
07 Jun, 2017
document Changing Default Search Criteria in QA Wizard Pro
Note: The following information only applies to controls that use the Standard search method. During playback, QA Wizard Pro searches for windows and controls using the search criteria selected in the window/control Properties dialog box. When QA Wizard Pro stores a control in the repository,...
07 Jun, 2017
document Escape Sequence Is Not Defined Error During Playback
Problem QA Wizard Pro returns the following error during playback when an EvaluateRegExpression function is evaluated: 'The escape sequence is not defined.' Cause Meta characters used as literal characters in the RegularExpression argument of the EvaluateRegExpression function...
22 Oct, 2015
document Locating DOS Batch File Run Reports for QA Wizard Pro
If you use a DOS batch file to run multiple scripts from multiple workspaces, QA Wizard Pro run reports are created in a Reports subdirectory of the scripts directory. In the following example, a batch file runs multiple scripts from multiple workspaces. "C:\Program Files\Perforce\QA...
07 Jun, 2017

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