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document Multiple Controls Recognized as the Same Control
Note: The following information only applies to controls that use the Standard search method. Each application window and control has a set of properties that are captured by QA Wizard Pro during recording and saved in the application repository. These properties are used as search...
28 Nov, 2016
document Running QA Wizard 4 Scripts in QA Wizard Pro
QA Wizard 4 scripts are not compatible with QA Wizard Pro. However, you can run QA Wizard 4 batch files using a QA Wizard Pro script. This is helpful if you are using QA Wizard Pro but want to run old scripts in QA Wizard 4. Note: QA Wizard 4, QA Wizard Pro, and the tested application must be...
29 Dec, 2014
document Cannot Find htmlLink Controls
If a web site includes multiple HTML links, and QA Wizard Pro finds the wrong link during playback, try one of the following solutions: Solution #1  If each link includes unique text, modify the property of the htmlLink control to only search for the Inner Text, not the...
23 Dec, 2014
document Text Data Not Imported from Excel Files to Datasheets
Problem Text data from a Microsoft Excel file is not imported to a QA Wizard Pro datasheet if the first eight rows under the column headers contain only numeric values. Cause The Excel ODBC driver uses the first eight rows in the file to determine each column's data type. The data type...
29 Dec, 2014
document Scripts Without a SetContext Statement Do Not Synchronize
Problem After renaming a control in the application repository and choosing Script > Synchronize with Application Repository (or Synchronize Multiple with Application Repository), references to controls in the script are not updated. Cause The script does not contain a SetContext...
23 Dec, 2014
document Binding to Target Application Error After Upgrading
Problem The following error is returned when recording or running scripts after upgrading QA Wizard Pro: 'Error binding to the target application: [510]' Cause QA Wizard Pro injects code into target applications during recording and playback, which creates a lock on some QA...
23 Dec, 2014
document Scripts Fail on CheckExists Statements Set to Generate Warnings and Continue Playback
Problem Scripts fail on CheckExists statements even if the statement failure behavior is set to generate a warning and continue playback. Cause The CheckExists statement has other points of failure besides the checkpoint. This commonly occurs if a nested function is used to retrieve...
05 May, 2017
document Scripts Run Against Qt 4.x Applications Fail After Upgrading
Problem Scripts recorded against applications built with Qt 4.x fail during playback in QA Wizard Pro 2007.3 and later. Cause QA Wizard Pro captures Qt MDI window and tab control data differently in version 2007.3 and later than previous versions. Scripts fail because the expected values...
23 Dec, 2014
document QA Wizard Pro Google Chrome Support
Following are limitations for testing applications in Google Chrome with QA Wizard Pro. Required extension The QA Wizard Pro Chrome Capture extension is used to capture window and control information from web applications. You are prompted to enable the extension the first you start Chrome...
03 Oct, 2016
document Running Scripts Against Applications That Require Login
If a QA Wizard Pro script runs against an application that requires a user to log in, you must log in to the application from the script. If you log in to the application before running scripts, QA Wizard Pro cannot locate windows and controls during playback. We recommend recording a single...
23 Dec, 2014

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