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QA Wizard Pro
document QA Wizard Pro System Requirements
This article provides the system requirements and supported browsers for the current version of QA Wizard Pro. These requirements are intended to be used in combination with the hardware requirements for the application you are testing. They do not account for additional applications or...
15 Feb, 2017
document TestTrack Version Requirements for QA Wizard Pro Integration
QA Wizard Pro only supports integration with TestTrack 7.6.3 and later. If you need to integrate QA Wizard Pro with TestTrack or vice versa, you must upgrade to TestTrack version 7.6.3 or later.
30 Apr, 2015
document QA Wizard Pro Integration with TestTrack Pro Fails
Problem The following error is returned when configuring the TestTrack Pro integration in QA Wizard Pro: 'Cannot retrieve the database list from the TestTrack Server.' This can occur when you select a project or click Refresh on the TestTrack tab in the Properties dialog box, or when...
31 Mar, 2015
document QA Wizard Pro Supported Technologies
The following technologies are supported and tested. For a list of supported controls, see the QA Wizard Pro help. Note: QA Wizard Pro supports all HTML elements in supported web browsers. See the QA Wizard Pro System Requirements for supported browser versions. ComponentOne Studio for...
03 Oct, 2016
document Cannot Record in Chrome Because Port Already in Use
Problem The following error is returned when recording in Google Chrome from QA Wizard Pro or Defect Scribe: 'The port used to communicate with Chrome is already in use.' Cause The default port (8181) QA Wizard Pro or Defect Scribe uses to communicate with Chrome is already in use by...
23 Dec, 2014
document Escaping Slashes in List View, Menu, and Tree Control Item Text
Note: This information only applies to QA Wizard Pro 2007.3 and later. If text in menu, list view, and tree control items includes forward or back slashes, you need to escape the slashes. This tells QA Wizard Pro to interpret slashes literally during playback. You only need to escape...
23 Dec, 2014
document QA Wizard Pro Cannot Locate a Repository Item
Problem A script fails during playback and an error similar to the following is returned: 'Cannot locate the local:WysiCorp Login/1.0/Wysicorp - Feedback Acknowledgement/editbox8 repository item in the running application. Searched for 30 seconds.' Cause QA Wizard Pro performs...
05 May, 2017
document Qt Combo Box or List Box Items Not Added to Scripts
If the last action you record in a Qt application is selecting an item in a combo box or list box, the action is not added to the QA Wizard Pro script. To record the action, perform another action after you select the item from the list, such as clicking a text field. You can also...
31 Mar, 2015
document Silverlight Applications Stop Responding in Internet Explorer When Recording or Running Scripts
Note: The following information only applies to QA Wizard Pro 2016.1 and earlier. Problem Recording or running scripts in QA Wizard Pro stops when testing Silverlight applications using Internet Explorer and one of the following errors is returned: 'The target application is not...
04 Oct, 2016
document OpenRecordsetQuery Statement Returns Database Engine Could Not Find the Object Error
Problem When running a script that uses the OpenRecordsetQuery function to create a data set from an Excel datasheet, playback fails and the following error is returned:  'The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object.' Cause The query argument in the...
23 Dec, 2014

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