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TestTrack SDK
document Editing Multi-Line Text Fields with the TestTrack SDK
The following information is provided to help you edit formatted text and inline attachments in multi-line text fields using the TestTrack SDK. Editing text values Multi-line text fields can include plain or rich text. If a field is edited as plain text, all formatting is removed. Inline...
23 Dec, 2014
document Invalid Type and Missing Tag Value Errors in SOAP Applications After Upgrading to TestTrack 2015.1
Problem Existing SOAP applications using the TestTrack SDK return invalid type and missing tag value errors after upgrading to TestTrack 2015.1. These errors were not returned when running applications against earlier TestTrack versions. Cause In TestTrack 2015.1, the gSOAP toolkit...
10 Sep, 2015
document Cannot Use the TestTrack SDK getRecordListForTableWithQuery Operation
Problem You cannot use the TestTrack SDK getRecordListForTableWithQuery operation after upgrading to TestTrack 2015.1. For example, when using C# in Visual Studio, the getRecordListForTableWithQuery function is marked as a syntax error. An error similar to the following is returned...
20 Aug, 2015