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Surround SCM Web
document Redirecting Surround SCM Web Data from Apache or IIS Web Servers
Surround SCM Web uses a standalone web server that requires minimal setup. If you use Apache or Microsoft IIS to host other Helix ALM web applications, you can configure redirects on the existing web server to send data from browsers to the Surround SCM Web Server. You may want to redirect data to...
07 Jun, 2017
document Surround SCM Web Supported Browsers
The following browsers are supported for the current version of Surround SCM Web. Google Chrome 59.x and later Microsoft Edge 20.x - 40.x (EdgeHTML 12.x - 15.x) Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 Mozilla Firefox 52.x - 57.x Safari 9.x - 11.x Surround SCM Web is...
05 Mar, 2018