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document Using Server Parameters in SoloSubmit
If your web server is configured to allow access to multiple Helix ALM Servers from a single CGI, you can specify the server to connect to in SoloSubmit URLs. If you do not specify a server, the URL connects to the default Helix ALM Server configured on the web server. SERVERADDR and SERVERPORT...
06 Jun, 2017
document Forcing SoloSubmit to Log In to a Specific Project
You can force SoloSubmit to log in to a specific project using a direct link to the CGI. First, you need the project ID number. The ID number is listed in the first column of the Projects dialog box in the Helix ALM Server Admin Utility. The CGI command you use should resemble...
06 Jun, 2017
document Associating the SoloSubmit Login Page with a Single Project
You can associate the SoloSubmit login page with a single project, bypassing the project selection page. When a user or customer logs in to SoloSubmit, they are taken directly to the bug reporting form. To set the loginSoloSubmit.htm page to be associated with a single project, you have to...
06 Jun, 2017
document Updating Customized TestTrack Web Pages to Support Access to Multiple TestTrack Servers
If you customize TestTrack Web pages and the TestTrack CGI is configured to allow access to multiple TestTrack Servers, you need to make the following changes to the customized pages. Add the following tag to the hidden fields section of any forms: <input name="ServerName"...
06 Jun, 2017
document Turning Off Cookies in SoloSubmit
SoloSubmit uses cookies to automatically enter user contact information. After users enter this information once they do not need to keep re-entering it (unless they delete the cookie file). You can disable SoloSubmit cookies if you need to. Create a backup copy of the SoloSubmit.htm...
26 Mar, 2015
document Cannot Log In to Web Clients After Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.10 or Later
Problem Users cannot log in to some web clients after the computer hosting the Helix ALM Server or Helix ALM License Server is upgraded to Mac OS X 10.10 or later. The following web clients are affected: Helix ALM License Server Web Admin Utility Helix ALM Web Helix ALM Web Server...
10 May, 2017