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document Customized SoloBug Files Not Saved on Windows
Problem Customized SoloBug files are not saved when using Helix ALM on Windows. One of the following issues occurs: An error is returned because you do not have permission to modify files. The file appears to be saved correctly, but it is not available in the directory you...
13 Jun, 2017
document Setting SoloBug Permissions on Linux
If you use SoloBug on Linux, you may want to set permissions for editing the SoloBug executable or adding files to the SoloBug_In folder in the TestTrack database directory. By default, /usr/bin/SoloBug is owned by root and cannot be accessed by other users. We recommend using group security...
24 May, 2017
document SoloBug Does Not Start if Helix ALM Not Installed
Problem SoloBug does not start on a Windows computer that Helix ALM is not installed on. The following error is returned when you start SoloBug: 'This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this...
13 Jun, 2017
document Running SoloBug Chinese on Linux
To run SoloBug in Chinese , you need to set the LANG to zh_CN.GB2312. To change the locale in Linux, run unset LC_ALL; export LANG=zh_CN.GB2312.
31 Dec, 2014
document Setting SoloBug Default Values Using Command Line Parameters
SoloBug accepts command line parameters to set the default values for all issue fields. Parameters that contain spaces must be enclosed in quotes. The following Windows parameters are supported: -m summary (e.g. -m "This is the summary.") -t type (e.g. -t "Crash - Data Loss") -p...
27 Apr, 2017