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License Server
document Oracle Native RDBMS Connection Not Open Error
Problem Connecting to an Oracle native RDBMS database after installation returns a Connection Not Open (ORA-06413) error. Cause The Seapine License Server, Surround SCM, or TestTrack directory name contains parentheses ( ). There are known issues installing older versions of the Oracle...
26 Mar, 2015
document Qt LGPL Source Code Archives
The Seapine License Server, Surround SCM, and TestTrack are built using Qt libraries. Seapine uses Qt libraries covered by version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The following source code archives are provided in compliance with the LGPL. Qt 5.5.1 Build 9...
22 Dec, 2016
document Cannot Restart a Seapine Server on Linux
Problem After stopping the Seapine License Server, Surround SCM Server, Surround SCM Proxy Server, or TestTrack Server on some Linux distributions, you cannot restart the server. Cause The semaphore used to store the Seapine product ID process was not removed when the server stopped,...
23 Dec, 2014
document Checking for Missing System Libraries on Linux
After installing TestTrack, Surround SCM, or the Seapine License Server on Linux, check for missing system libraries before running the applications to make sure they work correctly. To see which libraries are missing, use the ldd <path to binary> command. For example, enter...
26 May, 2016
document Changing the License Server to a Service
We recommend installing the Seapine License Server as a service on Windows. A service is a program that automatically starts when the system starts and automatically stops when the system is shut down. To change the Seapine License Server to a service: Choose Start > Run to open the...
23 Dec, 2014
document Configuring External Authentication Components for TestTrack RM Reviewer
External authentication systems can be integrated with the Seapine License Server to allow users to log in to Seapine products using their existing authentication system credentials. Web servers that host TestTrack RM Reviewer require custom pages to support external authentication for logging in...
23 Dec, 2014
document License Server Functions Incorrectly After Upgrading to Windows XP SP2
Problem The Seapine License Server functions incorrectly after you upgrade to Microsoft Windows XP SP2. Cause Windows XP SP2 includes new security features and other operating system changes and enhancements that may impact the Seapine License Server. Windows Firewall is enabled by...
25 Mar, 2015
document Shrinking the SQL Server Transaction Log Size
The SQL Server transaction log for a Seapine License Server, Surround SCM, or TestTrack database may become very large, which can cause disk space issues on the database server. You can use the SQL Server DBCC SHRINKFILE command to reduce the log file size. Back up the database. ...
23 Dec, 2014
document License Server Not Initialized Status
When the Seapine License Server cannot receive license usage details from the TestTrack Server or Surround SCM Server, an error that explains the license server is not initialized is added to the application server log. The application server automatically reconnects and sends the license usage...
23 Dec, 2014
document DSNs Are Not Displayed in the TestTrack or Seapine License Server Admin Utility
Problem When configuring the TestTrack Server or Seapine License Server to use a SQL Server database, the Data Source Name field in the server admin utility does not include all the configured DSNs. This occurs when configuring a new connection or converting the TestTrack Server database...
23 Dec, 2014

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