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License Server
document Checking for Missing System Libraries on Linux
After installing Helix ALM, Helix ALM License Server, or Surround SCM on Linux, check for missing system libraries before running the applications to make sure they work correctly. To see which libraries are missing, use the ldd <path to binary> command. For example, enter...
03 Aug, 2017
document Changing the License Server to a Service
We recommend installing the Helix ALM License Server as a service on Windows. A service is a program that automatically starts when the system starts and automatically stops when the system is shut down. To change the license server to a service: Choose Start > Run to open the Run...
09 May, 2017
document Configuring External Authentication Components for TestTrack RM Reviewer
Note: TestTrack RM Reviewer support was discontinued starting with the TestTrack Web 2013.1 release and the functionality is now included in the Helix ALM Web client. External authentication systems can be integrated with the Seapine License Server to allow users to log in to...
13 Jun, 2017
document Shrinking the SQL Server Transaction Log Size
The SQL Server transaction log for a Helix ALM, Helix ALM License Server, or Surround SCM database may become very large, which can cause disk space issues on the database server. You can use the SQL Server DBCC SHRINKFILE command to reduce the log file size. Back up the database. ...
25 Apr, 2017
document License Server Not Initialized Status
When the Helix ALM License Server cannot receive license usage details from the Helix ALM or Surround SCM Servers, an error that explains the license server is not initialized is written to the application server log. The application server automatically reconnects and sends the license usage...
11 May, 2017
document DSNs Not Displayed in the Helix ALM or License Server Admin Utility
Problem When configuring the Helix ALM Server or Helix ALM License Server to use a SQL Server database, the Data Source Name field in the server admin utility does not include all the configured DSNs. This occurs when configuring a new connection or converting the server database from 32-bit...
02 Jun, 2017
document Supported Email Protocols and Standards
Helix ALM products support the following protocols and standards: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP ) as outlined by RFC 821 Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) as outlined by RFC 3501 Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) as outlined by RFC 1460, RFC 937, RFC 918, and RFC...
11 Jul, 2017
document Changing Application Fonts on Unix
Note: The following information only applies to Seapine License Server, Surround SCM, and TestTrack 2015.1 and earlier. If you are running Seapine License Server, Surround SCM, or TestTrack clients on Unix, you can change the default font. This change affects all Qt applications that you...
14 Jun, 2017
document License Server Admin Utility Supported Web Browsers
The following browsers are supported for the current version of the Helix ALM License Server Web Admin Utility. Google Chrome 59.x and later Microsoft Edge 20.x - 40.x (EdgeHTML 12.x - 15.x) Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 Mozilla Firefox 52.x - 57.x Safari 9.x - 11.x
05 Mar, 2018
document Cannot Edit Text Fields on Linux
Problem Text fields become randomly disabled when using the Helix ALM License Server Admin Utility or Surround SCM on Linux. Cause When SuSE 9.3's SKIM program is loaded, it interacts negatively with these products. SKIM (SCIM for KDE) is an input method framework for Unicode and...
30 May, 2017

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