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Configuring IIS for TestTrack RM Reviewer and TestTrack TCM Test Runner
Last Updated
7th of August, 2013

To configure Microsoft IIS to host TestTrack RM Reviewer and TestTrack TCM Test Runner, perform the steps available from the following links based on the version you are using.

Following are additional information and steps for configuring RM Reviewer and TCM Test Runner.

Enabling the .exe CGI extension

Use the following filenames for the request path and ISAPI or CGI path:

  • RM Reviewer—rmcgi.exe
  • TCM Test Runner—tttcmcgi.exe

Enabling the .ttp CGI extension

The following steps are only required for TCM Test Runner.

  1. Click the server computer in the Connections pane.
  2. Double-click Handler Mappings.
  3. Click Add Module Mapping in the Actions pane.
  4. Enter '*.ttp' as the Request path.
  5. Select ServerSideIncludeModule as the Module.
  6. Enter the path to the TestTrack .exe programs as the Executable. The default path is C:\inetpub\scripts.
  7. Enter 'ttp files' as the Name.
  8. Click Request Restrictions and select Invoke handler only if request is mapped to and the File option.
  9. Click OK.

Note: If you cannot log in to TestTrack web clients after completing these steps, see TestTrack Web Returns a 404 - Page Not Found Error.

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