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With the cost of a single game's development often exceeding 10 million US dollars, return on investment is critical. A flawed game can result in dismal earnings and damage a company's reputation and chance for future success. Our experience indicates the following challenges are consistent across the industry:

  • Meeting aggressive release schedules
  • Collaborating with diverse, geographically distributed teams
  • Satisfying productivity and quality demands
  • Tracking designs, art, source code, scripts, issues, and bugs throughout the entire game development lifecycle
  • Securing digital financial transactions and in-game purchases


Seapine solutions provide a solid foundation for managing all of a game's digital assets. Companies that implement proper asset management benefit from shorter release cycles, increased productivity, and above all, higher quality. Discover why leading game development companies including Sony Computer Entertainment, Epic Games, and 2K Games trust Seapine solutions to help deliver bug-free games on time and on budget.

  • Quickly check on project progress, research specific user and product requirements when needed, and automatically be notified of requirements changes you did not initiate.
  • Gain insight into the impact of changes with real-time data visibility, change notifications, and gap and risk analysis.
  • Increase productivity by automatically creating and maintaining traceability matrices and documentation in minutes.
  • Safely store and centrally manage all digital assets with full version control, including source code, 3D models, textures, images, sounds, music, and more.
  • Securely access bug databases and source repositories from anywhere in real time.
  • Allow development work to continue in isolation during major infrastructure changes, then seamlessly integrate the work into the main branch.
  • Easily scale to manage dozens of game titles.
  • Collaborate and communicate easily with all teams, regardless of geographic location.
  • Secure all assets using strong, role-based security features.
  • Keep management informed with quality metrics and detailed reporting.

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