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With embedded software developed independent of the hardware it will eventually run on, automotive product designers and developers face unique challenges. Managing this dual track development of complex systems requires strong integration between development teams and across tools to ensure product quality and regulatory compliance.

Benefits and Highlights

  • Reduce risk with automatically calculated and tracked ASILs for system components.
  • Improve the visibility of risk mitigation artifacts across teams, leaving no risk forgotten.
  • Increase productivity by automatically creating and maintaining traceability matrices and documentation in minutes.
  • Keep all stakeholders informed of new and changed requirements with centralized requirements management.
  • Simplify the requirement review process and ensure everyone understands the impact of proposed changes.
  • Mitigate your risk exposure with automatic notifications and escalations, automatic audit logging, and electronic signatures that are incorporated into your organization's daily development and quality assurance processes.
  • Gain insight into the impact of changes with real-time data visibility, change notifications, and gap and risk analysis.
  • Enforce adherence to development processes and best practices with enforceable and secure automated workflows.
  • Ensure marketing requirements are being fulfilled, with the ability to quickly check on project progress, research specific user and product requirements when needed, and automatically be notified of requirements changes you did not initiate.
  • Accurately forecast schedules and enable better decision-making with real-time visibility of project status information.

White Papers & Guides

Analyzing the Impact of Requirement Changes

This guide discusses how TestTrack's impact analysis tools provide a clear picture of relationships between items so you can accurately determine the impact of changing requirements.

Achieving IEC 61508 Compliance with Seapine Software

Safety-critical companies can quickly and cost-effectively prove compliance with the IEC 61508 standard by using an integrated solution to manage product development. Read this guide to learn how to meet the requirements and challenges of proving compliance with IEC 61508.

3 Ways Software Could Put the Brakes on the Driverless Car

Driverless cars are coming. First, Google started testing them, and now Ford, MIT, and Stanford have teamed up to develop the technology. But in a recent Harris poll commissioned by Seapine Software, 88 percent said they would be worried about riding in a driverless car. Some were concerned about who would be liable in an accident, but most concerns related to software. Here's three ways in which survey respondents indicated that software could put the brakes on their getting into a driverless car.

Transitioning to Agile in a Safety-Critical Environment

To improve product quality, reduce production costs, and get to market faster, many organizations in safety-critical environments are exploring Agile. Read this white paper to learn about the challenges you may face, and how to overcome them and successfully transition to Agile.


Managing ISO 26262 Compliance with TestTrack

Join Andrew Horner, Seapine Solutions Specialist, for a 45-minute webinar as he provides an introduction to the ISO 26262 standard and demonstrates how TestTrack, Seapine's integrated product development solution, covers the entire development lifecycle prescribed in ISO 26262.

Use the Windshield, Not the Mirror: Predictive Metrics that Drive Successful Product Releases

If your development team only looks at reactive data like testing results and bug counts, they're not predicting problems that will impact product quality or delay release. Find out how the right combination of predictive and reactive metrics can help build a measurement portfolio that improves product quality and release consistency.

5 Keys to Improving Visibility into Risk

Conducting risk analysis and implementing mitigation strategies is hard work that often goes to waste. Too many times, much of the risk management work ends up locked away in spreadsheets, hidden from the team as product development progresses. Join us for this 45-minute webinar and learn about the five keys to improving the visibility of risk analysis and mitigation measures throughout the development cycle.

Automotive Template

The automotive template demonstrates the TestTrack features that help organizations meet change, quality, technology, and compliance (e.g., ISO 26262) requirements. It is pre-configured with workflows, security groups, automation rules, folders, and other features—all of which can be further customized to meet your specific needs.

Customer Success Stories

Gentex Improves Communication and Change with TestTrack

Gentex develops advanced electro-optical products (electronic devices combining photoelectric sensors and related electronic circuitry). They are the world's leading supplier of electrochromic, automatic dimming rearview mirrors for the automotive industry. They came to Seapine Software looking for a defect tracking solution and now use TestTrack to comply with Automotive SPICE.

ITSO Limited Expands Test Management Capabilities and Accuracy with TestTrack

ITSO Limited is a certifying organization with the goal of making all electronic, or "smart", ticketing systems interoperable throughout Great Britain, regardless of operator or mode of transportation.

Softing Standardizes on Development Versatility with Seapine Software's TestTrack

Influential German engineering company unites Agile and Waterfall development, across multiple locations and divisions

See how leading automotive organizations rely on Seapine Software to manage their core processes, drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge.

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