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Delve into the World of Agile!

Exploring Agile: The Seapine Agile Expedition is your gateway into the world of Agile software development. Our book gives you a fun, easy introduction to the elements of Agile methods—from product backlogs and user stories to sprint reviews and retrospectives. Along the way, you’ll find out how to avoid common development pitfalls and empower your team—and ultimately, your customers—through timely communication and collaboration. Discover how to reliably estimate the amount of effort needed to complete a project successfully. Learn how to respond to change, reduce risk, and deliver what you promise—on time, every time. Join us on the Agile Expedition today!

Exploring Agile contains:

  • Backlogs: The Foundation to Your Agile Success
  • The Art and Science of Reliable Agile Estimating
  • Mapping the Journey: Release and Sprint Planning
  • Marching Along: Daily Activities
  • Automated Testing and Agile
  • Are We There Yet? Doneness Criteria
  • It’s Showtime: The Sprint Review
  • Look Back in Agile: The Sprint Retrospective
  • Measuring Up: Progress Metrics
  • Mixing Methodologies
  • Enhance your daily stand-up
  • Analyze and learn from past sprints
  • Integrate quality assurance and testing
  • Organize and prioritize backlog
  • Manage and communicate change
  • Connect user acceptance testing with your stories
  • Get metrics that matter
  • Blend agile with your existing processes
  • Scale agile across distributed teams
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