Issue & Defect Management

Product development organizations must track a range of issues—everything from product defects to customer calls to marketing projects to unique business processes.

Instead of email, spreadsheets, or homegrown applications, many organizations rely on Seapine for defect tracking, task management, and general business issue management.

With Seapine Software’s issue and defect management solution, your product development teams can:

  • Prioritize issues and tasks, and track the progress of work items
  • Streamline team communications with automatic email notifications and issue assignments
  • Provide remote, real-time, secure access to issues
  • Meet compliance and policy requirements
  • Easily generate quality metrics reports

More effectively track the issues that affect your business with Seapine.

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    The value of TestTrack is improved communication and documentation. It works so well with our development process; we just keep expanding the reach of what we use the tool for. Everything related to the project is available electronically [in TestTrack], so no one is left guessing about the status of an issue.

    Eric Walstra EE Process Improvement Manager, Gentex