Change Management

Development organizations are faced with the demands of managing constantly changing applications, meeting reduced time to market, and delivering high quality products. Effectively managing application changes from design through release and maintenance is critical to delivering quality software on time.

By creating repeatable, enforceable, auditable, predictable processes, Seapine Software's solution helps organizations track the progress and history of applications and manage change across the development lifecycle.

With Seapine Software’s cross-platform change management solution, your product development teams can:

  • Manage and track change requests, bug reports, source code files, and other digital assets
  • Securely access source files and other development assets 24x7
  • Work in parallel
  • Manage the process and tools that are used to create repeatable builds
  • Easily generate quality metrics reports
  • Achieve end-to-end traceability from requirements to source code files.

Manage software change and improve the quality of delivered products with Seapine.

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    With Seapine tools, our team implemented a complete change management solution in days. More elaborate products took months of effort and still did not work.

    Ken Ingram CIO, CureSearch