Automated Testing

Test engineers and QA analysts are being asked to test more complex projects than ever before. Application complexity has increased to the point that formerly simple test plans now encompass hundreds, if not thousands, of test cases that must be executed under stringent deadlines.

Automating simple, repetitive tests provides a cost-effective way to increase test coverage, improve accuracy, and enabling testers to focus on complex testing.

With automated functional testing, your testing teams can:

  • Test web, Windows, and Java applications with one tool
  • Use both drag-and-drop and text-based scripting to support novice and experienced testers
  • Ensure script stability and ease of maintenance with object-based recording
  • Share test assets and automatically propagate script changes with a global application repository
  • Automate tests for a range of languages and controls including HTML 5, Silverlight, AJAX, .NET, and Infragistics controls
  • Troubleshoot script failures with a comprehensive debugging environment
  • Easily generate quality metrics reports

Automate functional testing and improve software application quality with Seapine.

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What Customers Say

    QA Wizard Pro has been an essential tool in assuring the excellence of the products we are developing.

    Cor Hofman QA Analyst, Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance