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Top TestTrack Pro Linux/Unix Installation topic #78

Subject: "Having problems with LDAP Auth" Previous topic | Next topic
SJFriedlThu Mar-16-06 12:20 AM
Member since Mar 15th 2006
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"Having problems with LDAP Auth"
Thu Mar-16-06 12:58 AM


Hello all,

I'm setting up TestTrack Pro 7.5.2 on a Fedora Core 4 system for a customer, and LDAP has given no end of problems. The short answer is that it doesn't seem to be actually trying to use LDAP when a user tries to login.

From the machine in question, I can use the OpenLDAP command-line tools to query the backend Active Directory machine, so we're not having connectivity, firewall, or credential issues. I've configured the license server to allow (but not require) LDAP for users, and the Test LDAP Connectivity button works fine. I have the proper Base DN set too.

In Global Users, I can click (Add LDAP User), and it seems to look me up just fine given the first/last name - it finds my UserId as provided by SamAccountName - and this tells me that things are working end to end.

But when I try to actually login with ttclient, I get "The username or password you entered is not valid. Enter a valid username and password" error.

The odd thing is: there is no LDAP activity that I can see. I ran a tcpdump (network sniffer) to both the DCs, and there was no traffic at all. Even were there a misconfiguration, I think I'd expect to see at least a TCP connection to the DC, but I don't see anything. I *do* see network traffic when I add the user, so it's not like I'm sniffing the wrong interface.

I've added and removed this user more than once, and every time I add it back after deleting, it complains that there is already a user with that name: I presume there is some kind of retention of prior users, but I don't know if this is somehow getting in the way.

If it matters, I'm doing all of this remotely with an X11 session forwarded over ssh, so I fire up the client window on my local desktop even though the server is 400 miles away.

Are there any suggestions to get this working?



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dlboydMon Mar-20-06 03:07 PM
Member since Dec 21st 2005
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#1. "RE: Having problems with LDAP Auth"
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- Did you import the username/password that is causing this error message from LDAP to the License Server?

Try this: Unassociate the user from LDAP from within the License Server, reset the network password for the user, then re-associate the user with LDAP within the License Server.

If that doesn't work, you should contact support at

~ DLBoyd
~ Software Support Engineer
~ Seapine Software, Inc.

~ DLBoyd


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