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Top TestTrack Pro Linux/Unix Installation
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Server hosting or co-location requirements?
Hi there, My goal is to find a provider that can eiter "host" or "co-locate" a system to run my TestTrack Server. There are a million places that do
jefpavMar-19-02 02:22 PM
by scurlock666
LAST EDITED ON May-23-01 AT 05:37 PM (GMT)Welco me! We have established these online forums to help you get the
SupportSep-05-01 06:11 PM
by tackettm
unix driver
Since the database can be built on unix, is there any discussion about building a driver or api to access the database from unix/linux? My understan
gknoppDec-02-04 10:24 PM
by robinr
Installing Linux upgrade
We're upgrading to version 4.6. I suspect it will involve running something like perl or similar, because the installation was pe
cwommackJun-07-02 07:48 PM
by tackettm
Cannot print bug list
When attempting to print a list of bugs, I get this message: This operation has failed. Error: Report generation failed to start. Please check t
rebelrenSep-05-14 07:19 PM
by SeapineDev
Backup a Database
We use Linux for our TTPro-Server. Would it work to copy the database to another location (i.e. seperate harddisk) and in case you need that backup,
scurlock666Nov-18-01 03:35 PM
by pburma
RAM requires for Linux
The installation guide for v4.5 notes that the amount of RAM required for Linux is dependent on the number of defects that the server handles. And fur
jedunmireMar-03-05 03:44 PM
by SeapineDev
ttserver won't start on RH 6.2
I'm having problems getting the ttpro server to start on RH 6.2. I've double checked the requirements : glibc version 2.1.3 and version 2.1.92 and lib
gjukemaAug-09-02 02:10 PM
by pburma
Are there any TTPro-specific issues with running ttpro as non-root (i.e. a ttpro-specific user) or even chroot-ed? Running services as root is not t
robinrDec-18-07 11:11 AM
by andybooth
New installation won't run
Red Hat Linux using libstdc++-2.96-81. When I try to start: /home/ttpro/ ttserver: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.1-1. so.2: ca
rgarabedianOct-28-05 03:24 PM
by SeapineDev
Linux Install
I have installed the PC-Plus 4.6 version and have the server running OK on Linux. I can't work out how to get to the server admin function to enter t
mumfordsApr-25-03 03:11 PM
by pburma
Broken pipe
Hi Pat, we used ttpro 5.0 on our test machine for a while and finally upgraded to 5.1.1. Everything seemed to work fine, so we transfered it over to
scurlock666Apr-30-03 02:04 PM
by scurlock666
Test Track Pro installation
After installing an evaluation license of the TestTrack Pro 6.1 linux server under FreeBSD the application performed normally until I attempted to res
yboilyApr-21-04 10:32 AM
by smithberry
Installation on RHELv4
I'm trying to install the TestTrack Pro 7.1.1 for Linux Upgrade on a new RHELv4-based server. After running the Perl-based installation scripts, when
telchemyAug-17-05 02:28 PM
by pburma
Problem starting TTPro on Fedora - /proc/sys/fs/file-ma...
Hi, Having problems starting TTPro on Fedora using Kernal 2.6.17-vs2.0.2-rc24. This is a VPS (virtual server) instance. When executing /usr/bin/
BigwaffNov-17-06 06:28 AM
by Bigwaff
Configuring TTPro web version
We are implementing TestTrack Pro version 7.6.2. I'd like to get the Web version deployed, but I am unable to find much documentation on the subject.
mlohssOct-12-07 07:53 PM
by pburma
License issues with Web Interface Only
I added users through the license server admin interface from our local Active Directory server. Then set them all up with the float license from the
clohfinkMar-11-08 10:22 PM
by Jeni
Upgrading to 2008 - table not found
I am having trouble upgrading my projects to the latest version. What appears to be happening is that the upgrade process is attempting to back up a
richcMar-11-08 10:20 PM
by Jeni
can't access linux server from the web
Background: I have the ttpro license and server running on a linux centos vitrual machine the Windows client accesses all the way (license server ad
giladjuAug-05-09 07:40 PM
by dlboyd
Data import in Linux
I have an old Version of ttPro for Windows(2.01). Now we want to upgrade to ttPro for Linux(3.1.4). Can anybody tell me how i can transfer my old dat
telesoftOct-08-01 04:30 PM
by pburma
Setup ODBC for MSProject
Hi, I've read the ODBC knowledge base and see that all are really targeted at the windows setup. I've put the path in my ODBC driver setup as '/opt/
rwmccormickJan-21-02 09:27 PM
by pburma
can't create a new database
i've installed test track and it lets me logon as Admin, but it won't allow me to create a new database. it says i've entered an invalid character.
lbravoAug-05-02 03:05 PM
by pburma
Error: -1210
Unable to open database because another application has the database open. Unable to create a CodeBase log file. Running on OSX, I have apparently ma
hansfreddiAug-19-02 04:18 PM
by pburma
using perl DBD and DBI::Xbase
Hi ! on an article at from Oct 2001 ( Re: Proprietary database, no JDBC. by Pat@Seapine - Oct 22nd 2001 18:31:25) Pat wrote about a
kalboldtNov-19-02 12:49 PM
by pburma
Connection could not be established
Trying to install PCPlus version on Suse 8.1 server. Installation runs but when I try to start the server connection I get the message "A connection
PennyAug-16-03 12:33 AM
by pburma
Attachment problems
I currently have the Test Track Pro server running on a Red Hat Linux 7.2 box and it has been successfully running for about 3 weeks. About a week ago
jbardgettAug-16-03 12:30 AM
by pburma
Sender Mail
Wen TTPro is performing a mail notification, no sender mail address is specified. If I view the Mail header, the sender is '"TTPro" <>' this address i
mhofbauerDec-03-03 02:45 PM
by Support
Unable to open the SERVOPTN table
We are getting the following error in one of our test installs. Anybody have any idea on how to correct this problem (it doesn't go away with a reboo
mortorayDec-17-03 08:39 PM
by pburma
Running TTPro on a FreeBSD server?
My company is evaluating TTPro at the moment. I have set up a Linux server for this test, but would like to run it on a FreeBSD 4.8 server if we deci
toreoeJul-23-04 06:19 PM
by pburma
Eval Install Does Not Run
Installation on Linux went fine. However, trying to login for the first time we get Server Error as follows: "Cannot connect to TestTrack Web server.
rodzskiSep-21-05 12:30 PM
by pburma
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