How do I know what’s changed inside the files associated with a list of issues?

TestTrack ProFernando Cremer, one of the terrific Solution Consultants in our Services group, has created a very interesting sample application that can answer this question. It shows the changes in the source files associated with a list of issues. Notice I said changes in the source files, not just the list of files that have changed.

You might find Fernando’s application handy when you are getting ready to promote changes to production, or you want to do a quick review of what went into the latest build, or when you want to satisfy your curiosity about which code review “suggestions” were actually followed.

Sample report output

Sample report output

The SCC_File_Diff_Report_Utility takes advantage of the integration between TestTrack Pro and Surround SCM. It uses TestTrack’s SOAP interface and Surround SCM’s Command Line Interface (CLI) to do its magic. If you are so inclined, Fernando has kindly made the SCC_File_Diff_Report_Utility source code available on the Seapine Labs site so you can make this report look however you want.

Seapine Labs

Speaking of which, Seapine Labs at is a very useful site to bookmark. It has lots of interesting tips and ideas that can expand your usage of Seapine products. It’s an incubation site that lets us share our experiments and works in progress with users. One warning. This is not production code! Use what you find, learn from it, but please don’t get upset if you find bugs.

I’ll be covering other interesting stuff from the TestTrack section of Seapine Labs in future posts. Surround SCM users should check out Life on Mars, courtesy of Jeff Amfahr, Surround SCM’s product manager, for additional Seapine Labs goodness for Surround SCM users.

Hey, have you created an interesting TestTrack SOAP application? Even if you can’t share your source code, we’d love to hear about what you’ve done!

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