Archiving List Values in TestTrack

A common request is the ability to archive pop-up menu field values in TestTrack. You have a field with multiple values, and some of them are no longer applicable. You’d like to make them unavailable to users, but don’t want to delete them because you still want to search based on those values and also don’t want to lose historical data. In a previous post I mentioned that you can use Field Relationships to do this. In this post I’d like to show you how.

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Simplifying TestTrack Item Windows

The TestTrack Defect window can be a little intimidating for new users. I have done many demonstrations for prospects and this comes up from time to time. The prospect is concerned that the Defect window is too complex for a group of users that need a simpler window to just enter defects.

When this comes up, I log off the current account (usually the Administrator account) and log back in using a limited account. I then show the prospect how different the same Defect window can look for a different user.

Using Security Groups, you can configure the level of access and visibility that a user has in TestTrack. Depending on the user’s role you can control what fields and tabs the user has access to. In this blog post, I’m focusing on configuring the Defect Window. Keep in mind this also applies to the Test Case, Test Run, Requirement, and Requirement Document windows.

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Limiting TestTrack Field Choices with Field Relationships

TestTrack supports many types of fields. One of the most used is the pop-up menu field, also known as a drop-down field. These fields sometimes end up with lists ranging in the hundreds of items in them, which makes them hard to use. In TestTrack you can specify field relationships, which allow you to limit the choices that are available to the user based on the value selected in another field. You designate a field to be the parent and one or more fields to be the child. The value chosen in the parent field determines which values will be available in the child field.

The TestTrack user guide already covers the mechanics of how to set up field relationships, so I am not going to repeat that. Instead, let’s look at some guidelines and possible use cases.

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