VOO Telecom Finds Powerful Multi-Department Flexibility Using TestTrack

Seapine’s test management solution handily meets the needs of both IT and technical departments


Every company, no matter how small, has islands within it. The boundaries that define those islands can be geographical, departmental, or personal, to name a few. But one constant is that those islands are often inhabited by groups of people who share a common goal and have specific ideas about how to reach it.

For instance, while technical departments within a single company often use the same general purpose software for documents and spreadsheets, they have different needs and preferences, methodologies and workflows, and their own more specialized software tools. Sometimes, however, the spark of an innovative idea and the desire to collaborate encourages departments to set aside barriers. VOO Telecom is a great example of how an experiment in interdepartmental collaboration led to the adoption of a test management tool that improved the repeatability and processes for both groups.

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Test Case Versioning in TestTrack TCM

TestTrack TCM lets you preserve older versions of test cases, see a full change history, duplicate test cases for reuse, and use custom fields to manage and search through versions.

You have a few different options for viewing and preserving older versions of test cases in TestTrack TCM. For instance, you can see the test run steps at the point you performed the test, using TestTrack’s test runs, and you can view the full change history via the History tab. You can also duplicate test cases to create new versions while preserving the original as a baseline, and easily manage and search through test case versions by setting up a few custom fields.
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Hunter Industries Strengthens QA Process with TestTrack

Hunter Industries

Hunter Industries’ product line includes patented gear-driven rotors, water-efficient sprinklers, weather sensors, valves, and controllers, as well as high-quality LED and low-voltage outdoor lighting. Many of their products have internal controllers that manage user settings and commands.

Prior to 2010, the engineers who worked on electronics and coding were also doing the testing for the controllers, and requirements, test cases, and defect tracking were being managed with a combination of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. This process was sufficient for years, but as the company grew, manual review of the development and testing process to ensure quality and completeness became a burden for the controller division team.

While the team was already using TestTrack for defect tracking, their new software QA manager had extensive experience with competitor HP Quality Center.

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ITSO Limited Expands Test Management Capabilities with Seapine Software

Itso smart ticket
ITSO Limited is a certifying organization with the goal of making all electronic, or “smart”, ticketing systems interoperable throughout Great Britain, regardless of operator or mode of transportation.

With billions of transactions each year taking place on a variety of point of service terminals, ITSO Limited needed a streamlined, secure, and seamless system for certifying ticketing system hardware, software, and security.
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NEW! Test Case Writing Best Practices

Best practicesRegardless of the process or tool used to generate test cases, every QA team should have documented best practices to help promote consistency in the quality of test cases and the resulting work produced.

Leah Coates, Seapine’s test case maven (and QA Manager), helped us put together a list of recommendations you can use to create your team’s test case best practices.

Whether you need to establish a test case writing guide for your team or add to your existing guide, check out our Test Case Writing Best Practices.

Making a QA Analyst’s Life Easier: Linking Requirements and Tests in TestTrack

It’s no secret that we also use the products we develop at Seapine Software. Earlier this week, I was running some tests and had a flashback to the (dark) days before requirements management was introduced in TestTrack. It quickly dawned on me the importance of managing requirements alongside test cases, test runs, and other artifacts in TestTrack. Plus, it was a good example of how linking and traceability in TestTrack makes everyone’s job much easier.

I was running some test runs from a regression suite and came across one that didn’t make sense to me. I decided to check the functional design to see how the feature was actually supposed to work. Since we link test runs with the test case they are generated from, it was easy to go directly from the test run to the related test case. However, when looking at the test case, I realized it was written before we managed requirements in TestTrack. So, I had to hunt for the Microsoft Word design document in Surround SCM. Then, I had to take the time to comb through the Word document to find the specific requirement that described the functionality. Not fun and kind of time-consuming.

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