Calculated Fields Conundrum – List Item or Text for Output Type

When you first start exploring custom calculated fields in TestTrack, you might find yourself wondering what the differences are between the text and list item output types. Which type should you use since the end result is a text value in both cases?

Calculated field with text output

Calculated field with list item output

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TestTrack 2009 is Available

TestTrack 2009.0 was released on February 5, 2009!TestTrack Studio

Whether you need to do release planning for your next Agile project, know where you stand with the issues assigned to you, or share status information with management, you’ll find something in TestTrack 2009 to love.

This release contains significant new features and enhancements to support your TestTrack reporting needs as well as scalability, usability, and performance improvements.

Check out what’s new and download TestTrack 2009 today!

New and Updated TestTrack Knowledgebase Articles

Here’s a roundup of recent TestTrack knowledgebase activity. It’s worth giving this list a quick look in case one of these articles applies to your particular situation.

New Articles

Updated Articles

Thanks to Amy Kearns for providing the information about the knowledgebase updates!

The Advantages of Test Case Management Software

Yours truly was recently interviewed about test case management for the Sticky ToolLook eNewsletter, published by the folks at and Better Software magazine.

In this month’s Sticky ToolLook, Paula Rome answers some questions about the advantages of test case management software, the importance of committing to test case documentation, and how a good test management tool can help you to “Go where the testing leads you.”

I was asked the following three questions:

  • What are some of the advantages that software made specifically for test case management brings to the table?
  • What are some situations in which an organization might want to integrate a test management tool?
  • What can a test case management tool do for a tester in terms of managing the test results?

You can read my answers here.

Let me know how you would have answered the questions!

TestTrack 2008.2 is Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that we have released TestTrack 2008.2 today!

TestTrack StudioThere are many new features and enhancements in 2008.2 that will save you time and make you more productive. I’ll be focusing on some of my favorite features in upcoming blog entries, but for now you can check out the What’s New page to see the highlights.

[Pssst…. Check out the new Interactive Filters!]

I’d like to give a special thanks to our wonderful TestTrack beta users. We got some great feedback from you guys that we were able to incorporate into this release. Keep the good ideas coming!

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