Webinar Recording: Scoring with Calculated Fields in TestTrack 2012

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Scoring with Calculated Fields webinar. The webinar recording is now available if you were unable to attend or if you would like to watch it again. Q & A from the session follows.

Q & A

Q: If a field value changes, or the underlying data being calculated changes, will the field still work in existing reports?

A: Yes, the fields used inside a calculated field can be changed without breaking existing reports. Note that reports run off of the current value of the field, so you’ll want to re-calculate values if you change the formula used in the field.

Q: ­Can I hide the calculated field risk score? ­

A: Yes, access to calculated fields is controlled through security groups, the same as any other custom field.

Q: ­In one of the webinars I believe you mentioned creating a reports dashboard of sorts. How would I create a dashboard?  For example, tabs with a different report previewed on each tab.­

A: TestTrack includes a report type called live charts. To create a dashboard, you would create a number of live charts to build a dashboard-type interface.

Q: ­What was the draft section in the custom fields dialog that you showed? ­

A: In TestTrack 2012 we added the Draft field section to allow administrators to create fields without showing them to users. This lets you experiment with fields and make them active only when you are ready.


2 thoughts on “Webinar Recording: Scoring with Calculated Fields in TestTrack 2012

  1. How would I use the number of linked issues in a calculation? I want to use the number of open parent issues to calculate the impact of a defect. And to use the number of open child issues to calculate the number blocks for a release.

  2. Jochem,

    Right now unfortunately you can’t use data like that in calculated fields. Right now you’re limited to data on the artifact/record itself, there’s no way to access links or linked artifacts.

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