Webinar Recording: What’s New in Seapine ALM 2012

Thank you to everyone who participated in the What’s New in Seapine ALM 2012 webinar. The webinar recording is now available if you weren’t able to attend or if you would like to watch it again.

Q & A

Surround SCM

What versions of TeamCity does Surround SCM support?

We support versions 6.5 (latest release) and 6.0 of TeamCity.

Have you updated the API for Surround SCM so it covers everything you can do with the GUI?

Not in this release, but we are actively looking at ways to expand the API.

Will it be possible to restrict the working directory differences to only a subset of repositories?

Not currently. Right now working directory differences, when chosen recursively, works against all the subrepositories.

Test Track

Is draft mode also available for workflow?

Not at this time.

You changed the item name from Defect to Issue. Is the field code for defects/issues also changed, so email templates must be updated?

Field codes and SOAP API functions were not changed, so you can upgrade to TestTrack 2012 without having to update email templates or any 3rd party integrations.

Does the “Attach to TestTrack” enhancements include attach on “Duplicate Differences”?

Not at this time. We will look into that for a future release.

How are existing values re-calculated when you change the formula on a calculated field?

You are prompted with three options: delay recalculating until a later time, recalculate now, or don’t recalculate at all. An escalation automation rule can also be used to force a recalculation on a day and time of your choosing. Finally, any time an item is modified by a user a new value will be calculated for its calculated fields.

Do the new custom calculated fields in TestTrack work with and show decimal places?

Yes, you can define how many decimal places to show on each field.

Is viewing test cases in a web interface on your roadmap? If so, when?

This is on the roadmap, but we don’t have a release date set for this feature.

In TestTrack, do the enhancements to default values also impact defaults on defects/issues imported by email?

No, defaults are not used when importing defects from email.

Any updates to TestTrack Pro Web?

Yes, the TestTrack Pro web client supports the new calculated custom fields and enhanced default values for issues.

What happens when you upgrade TestTrack native clients to 2012?

It will take a little longer to do the 2012 upgrade than it typically does. How long depends on the number of issues and projects you have.

Is there a summary available of the steps in calculated custom fields?

There are several calculated fields videos in our blog that show how to use calculated custom fields. We’ll also be creating more calculated fields videos, so be sure to subscribe to the blog for updates.

Does the “Date Entered” field in calculated custom fields include a time when looking at the time span option?

If your entry doesn’t have a time associated with it, it will automatically use midnight GMT.

Are there any plans to create different types of issue records, similar to the way we can create different type of requirement records?

Yes there are. However, be sure to add a feature request with any specific details you’d like to see supported.

QA Wizard Pro

Does QA Wizard Pro support mixed MFC/Swing applications?

QA Wizard supports both MFC and Swing applications separately. In most cases we’ve tested, mixed applications work fine (for example, an embedded web browser in a .NET application). We haven’t specifically tested an MFC/Swing mix. Your best bet is to get a QA Wizard Pro evaluation and try it out.

You’ve done a lot with QA Wizard Pro for web applications. Anything new for native apps?

The new stress testing capabilities are the largest new QA Wizard Pro feature for native applications.

Does QA Wizard Pro support Flash applets and stand-alone Java applications?


Are QA Wizard Pro scripts from earlier versions guaranteed to work in 2012?

They should all work fine.

Are Adobe AIR apps supported by QA Wizard Pro?

Not at this time.

Have you tried QA Wizard Pro with the Android Simulator? IPhone Simulator?

These simulators have not been tested.

Does QA Wizard Pro support third-party Windows controls?

Many third-party controls are supported, including Infragistics, DevExpress, and others. A full list is included in the QA Wizard Pro Users Guide. Unsupported controls may be still be used through modification of the control type, MSAA support, .NET Invocation, or low-level actions.

Is a license required for running automated tests in QA Wizard Pro, or only for authoring testing?

A license is required to both author and run automated test scripts. Run-time licenses offer the ability to execute test scripts.

What browser versions are supported in QA Wizard Pro 2012?

The latest browser versions that QA Wizard Pro supports are Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 9, and Chrome 12 or newer.

In QA Wizard Pro, can you apply multiple stresses at the same time?

Yes, any of the stresses can be combined depending on what you are interested in testing.

In QA Wizard Pro, what applications are effected by the stress test?

The stress test will simulate the drive being read-only or being out of space for the target application. So, other running applications won’t “see” that it is read-only or the drive is almost out of space and it won’t affect those other apps.

Will QA Wizard Pro be able to handle the very frequent upgrades to Chrome?

QA Wizard Pro is built to be flexible enough that it will continue working as Chrome upgrades are released.

If I change the context of my script, will the stress testing options apply to the app currently being tested?

Yes, switching contexts in the middle of a script carries over the currently applied stresses to the new application. These stresses can be changed or turned off via statements in the script if desired.

If you change your script to test multiple different script applications by changing the context of the script, do the stresses apply to the app currently being tested?

Yes, switching contexts in the middle of a script carries over the currently applied stresses to the new application. These stresses can be changed or turned off via statements in the script if desired.


Can we integrate ALM RP 2012 into SQL server 2005?

Yes, ALM RP supports SQL 2005 and 2008 and we provide sample reports in both formats.


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