Searching by Filename in Surround SCM

I’ve been using Surround SCM since before version 1 was released, and I was always frustrated with searching. Specifically, searching by filename. In my daily life at Seapine, I bounce between working with hundreds of files stored on two Surround SCM Servers. For whatever reason, I was never able to put together the right criteria using advanced find to return the files I was looking for. That has changed with Surround SCM 2011.

One small feature that was included in the 2011 release is filename searching in the Source Tree view. Filename searches, which aren’t case sensitive and can’t include wildcard characters, return real-time results. As you type in the Filename Search field, the list of matching files changes. When I’m searching for that one file in a branch that includes hundreds, Filename Search is a huge time saver!

Surround SCM Filename Search
Surround SCM Filename Search

2 thoughts on “Searching by Filename in Surround SCM

  1. I tried this and it worked great – as far as it goes. Unless I am mistaken, you still need to be in the specific branch to have this feature work. I tried using this just one level up the tree and got no results whatsoever. So, in a case when you are not sure which branch you file resides in, this won’t help you find what you’re looking for. Great feature – but sad that it is limited to a single branch…

  2. The feature is meant to help you filter out files in the current source view window, which always shows you files in the ‘current’ branch. In order to display files in multiple branches, a new paradigm would be needed for the way the client currently displays files.

    You can find files accross branches by running a report. By not selecting the branch/repository restriction, the report will search across all branches.

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