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We have a very large branch with 1000++ repositories and we are fairly frequent in a situation where would like creating a branch containing a sub-set of all these repositories; but the repositories do not for a sub-tree.

We would therefore like to know whether it is possible to create a branch that consist "scattered" repositorries.

We could branch the whole tree, but it takes hours to establish a full branch and we also experience that it slows down the whole system
asked Feb 2, 2016 in Surround SCM by Lars E

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Surround SCM 2014.0 introduced the ability to specify multiple repositories to include and exclude when creating branches. You can also use the branch configuration as a template for the structure of future branches that are created.

On the Create Branch dialog, choose <New template> in the Template dropdown field. Then press the Modify button to select the repositories that should be included or excluded from the new branch.

More information can be found in the online help at http://help.seapine.com/surround/2015.1.1/scmclient/Default.htm#cshid=UserGuide/UsingBranchTemplates.htm
answered Feb 2, 2016 by RichC (5,990 points)
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