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When I'm presenting with Helix ALM using the natitve Windows client, the default fonts are too small to read from the projector. How do I change the default font to a larger size so it's easy to read while presenting? I don't want to change the resolution of my screen because then the interface is all bunched up and gives only a very small view of the description field.

I'm using Helix ALM Client 2017.1.1 Build 18 (Windows/x64).
asked Nov 10, 2017 in TestTrack by sgirouard (170 points)
Larger font availability please.  Older (54) people use your product too.

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You can change the font size for the list windows in the native client. Right click on the list window's column headers and select the "Font Settings" menu item. The font typeface, style, and size can be configured from the displayed dialog box. This allows you to temporarily increase the font size for a presentation but then return to the regular font size later. http://help.seapine.com/helixalm/2017.2.0/client/Default.htm#User/ChangingListColumns.htm?Highlight=font%20settings

You can change the default font size for multi-line text fields via the Local Options. From the native client menu, select Tools >> Local Options. On the Local Options dialog, go to the Formatting category, check the "Override operating system default font size", and then select a specific font size. This will only affect multi-line text fields, like the Description field, and only affect text that does not have a specific font size selected by the user who added the text. http://help.seapine.com/helixalm/2017.2.0/client/Default.htm#ClientUser/SettingFormattingOptions.htm?Highlight=default%20font

You cannot currently change the font size for the view/edit windows. That is an open feature request.

answered Nov 10, 2017 by RichC (5,990 points)
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The "Override operating system default font size" option must be new in 2017.2.0 ... it's not available in version 2017.1.1 that I'm running ... I'll upgrade and then give it a try ... it sounds like exactly what I'm looking for.
+1 for feature request to allow local user and/or system wide changing the default font size for the view/edit windows
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