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Is there any option to import testcsaes written in excel to test track. If possible is there any particular template for the testcases.
asked Jan 21, 2016 in TestTrack by Sree

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TestTrack TCM only supports the importing of the following file formats: *.txt *.cvs *.XML

There is a way to format your import file to handle multiple steps in a Test Case.

A Test Case Step is comprised on the Step and the Expected Result. When you create the import file you must use the Markup Codes to distiguish which is a step and which is the exected result. You also need to wrap the entire thing in double quotes, and each step/expected result is delimited by a carriage return. The Markup Codes are as follows: * = Step + = Expected Result # = Comment

To put this together:

“*click here +page opens *type text +text appears *click “done” button +Thank you window opens #Actual result was web server crash”

Any further questions please contact Seapine Support via email at support@seapine.com
answered Jan 22, 2016 by Jeni Questa (480 points)
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