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I have to store all the files of our online Help system in Surround. It would be easier to make a zip of the Help files, check that into Surround, and then unzip it while in Surround. I want to check out the zipped file, and check back in the updated zipped file, but unzip it so the build process will pick up the unzipped files to include in the build. Possible?
asked Sep 29, 2017 in Surround SCM by Jaybird

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No, this is not possible. You can check the individual files into Surround SCM and/or check the ZIP file into Surround SCM, but whatever you check in is what Surround SCM will let you get out. So Surround SCM does not support unzipping file on the server and just returning individual files from the ZIP file.
answered Sep 29, 2017 by RichC (5,950 points)
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