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I am running into a problem with the 2016 license server in that I am not able to reuse a username if it was ever used.  We have over 5000 user accounts going back 9+ years and we are starting to run into problems with new user TTP accounts not being able to be linked to LDAP because an old user account exists that has the same username.

The current functionality impliess that every time a user is added the license server locks out that username and no user can ever use that username ever again even if the user is a completely different user.  Is there any way to get identify/remove these old usernames that are preventing LDAP integration?
asked Jun 7, 2017 in License Server by J. Richards

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You can enable renaming of usernames in the License Server Admin Utility which will then allow you to rename then and those old user details can be used again, unless you have some strict audit requirement that does not allow this.
answered Aug 2, 2017 by Nico Kruger
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