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I'm currently using the C# soap sdk api in order to move arround Requirements in a Requirement Document and form tree views.

Using the GUI, you can simply move arround and drag and drop items in order to make a tree view. You can also use the 4 (green) arrows in order to move the order of an artefact.

But using the API, the only method that seem to do the job is

appendToRequirementDocument(long cookie, long requirementID, long DocumentID, long parentRequirementID)

It consists of adding an artefact to a document by specifying it's father. So the only way i've found to add a requirement child to a parent (the equivalelent of drag-droping it) is by using this method, that is not very convenient.

Also, i've encountered another issue while trying this method with two "shared copies" of a requirement. I wanted to duplicate this small tree view, using this method. The problem is that the two shared copies of the requirement share the same recordID. The result being that, using this api method, all the children artefacts were added to the first parent artefact and none to the second. Since they both have the same recordID the method is not capable of telling them appart and add all the artefacts to the first one.

What i expected :

What i got :

In this example, the two "ECOSYSTEM rq1"  are copies, hence they share the same recordID and properties.

So is there another API method usefull to move arround artefacts inside a Requirement Document and make tree views ? Are they any tips to avoid this shared recordID issues ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

asked May 3, 2017 in TestTrack by anonymous

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