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Hi, There

Our company encountered an issue with the load test.

our test has 3 steps:

1. go the "~/request-a-tour " page;

2. submit the form with valid data (if submission works, user should see the thank you for your submission)

3. check if user can see the thank you page


Our issue is on step 3, how to verify the thank you text on the script? because with current 5 VU, there is no error, but none of them returned the "thank you" text on the thank you page to the script,

Also, our "thank you" page is actually the same page : ~/request-a-tour. what changed is the java script.


Turned out the HTML text we get after the submit action is the same HTML text before the submit action is activated.

Right now, we are planning to increase the VU, (obvious, 5VU is not our bottleneck I think), but we really want to make sure the script can capture the thank you page text after the valid submission

Should we use cookie or delete cookie after sending the submit web post?

Please help me if you can

Thank you in advance

asked Jan 26, 2017 in QA Wizard Pro by Alex

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This depends on your application and how it shows that page. It is looking or checking something like a cookie or some other variable to know that the submission worked and that it shoudl now show the thank you page.

I would suggest you speak to the engineers to get the pre-conditions for this test case so you know how your load test case should work. If it needs to clear cache or delete a cookie you can do so with the correct command in QA Wizard Pro.
answered Mar 10, 2017 by Nico
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