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Hello All,

Many of our users getting following message

" A connection to Test Track Server <Server Name> could not be established.

Please verify that the Test Track Server at address <server address> and Port 99 is running."


Please let us know the solution ASAP.


asked Oct 27, 2016 in General by Preetham (190 points)

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Please verify if your TestTrack Server and License Server is running. Both need to be running for any clients to connect.

If they are running please verify that your computer or laptop has connection to the servers as it sounds like either the servers are down or the connection is down.

I would also recommend that the Administrator user connects to the TestTrack Server Admin Utility (on the server) to verify that the server is running and that all projects are loaded and ready for you to use.
answered Oct 27, 2016 by nico (8,200 points)
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