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I want to upgrade a Helix ALM server but want to know which components have been installed. I can see the Server, License Server, etc. but it becomes more subtle with Web Server, REST API, SOAP, etc. I want to stage an instance to upgrade but only include the same list of install components.

Similar with exporting the existing config or otherwise see the administrative configuration without traversing all the GUI screens to compare with the installer confirmation window just prior to the actual installer installing the applications.
asked Aug 19 in TestTrack by chris_simonson (130 points)

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One option is to look at the executables in the product directory to see which components were installed. An easier option would be to start the Helix ALM product installer on the production machine to see which components are selected by default and then use that same set of options on the test machine. Don't actually finish the installation process on the production machine, but just start the installer and go to the Components screen. The installer remembers which components were installed last time the installer was run and will select that set of options again next time to make your upgrade process easier. So the default selection shown on the installer's Components screen on the production machine should represent the components that were installed last time Helix ALM was installed on that server.
answered Sep 3 by RichC (5,950 points)
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